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EnzoAMV  [ EnzoAMV ]
Location:Wuppertal, Germany
Video: Dragon Ball, One Piece
Audio: Linkin Park - Faint
Genre: Action, Story, Character Profile
Length: 3:03
Added: 04.12.2018
Viewed: 6238
Author's Commentary
Goku is trapped and wanders around in a time loop (hence the title) where time and space is corrupted.
While trying to escape the loop, Goku is being held back by enemies from various timelines until he finally breaks his limits.

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Viewers Comments (total: 31)
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  Megamen (15 December 2018, 17:18)  
Я умею спецфифект.
  muximu (15 December 2018, 17:03)  
do many work!I pay tribute! but it can not catch my attention. good luc
  xDieguitoAMV (15 December 2018, 02:22)  
This is insane! i love it so much. A lot of hardwork and everything looks outstanding :tu: Good luck
  HonyxOtaku (15 December 2018, 02:01)  
Oh wow nice !! xD so mcuh work :O man omg i love it i think it is the 1 dbz amv what i will do at my favo ! really great :D GOOD LUCK!
  MesoGear (15 December 2018, 00:52)  
Эфорта много, а клип какой-то бестолковый получился, с одной стороны, классическое "шонен под линкин парк", привет уже упомянутый MY2007, с другой, в середине клипа автор внезапно решает насыпать F.Y.C'а, только хуже и меньше, более того, непонятно зачем. В итоге, как по мне, одно конфликтует с другим и в тоже время, ни один из аспектов не реализовывается настолько, чтобы реально доставлять.

Как гласит народная мудрость: за двумя зайцами погонишься, ни одного не поймаешь.
  Axiles (15 December 2018, 00:50)  
WOW 9/10
  Nicokun (14 December 2018, 23:31)  
hi ismell
  Fangirl (14 December 2018, 20:32)  
You know i like you as a person but I really want to critique this.
First of if this is a story Amv you really should be able to tell what's happening, atleast what the plot is... without having to read the description. It really is impossible to tell what is going on without rewatching a hundred times. Slow down the action and tell a story instead. Honestly this is just an action amv with a lot of masks and with a hint of a plot.
Editing wise it has its ups and downs. Some moments were very well done others were lacking. You also have some questionable fx use such as 0:10 those overlays don't fit or compliment it imho.
The irl scenes are cool but just adds to the confusion when you don't really understand what's going on.

My advice would be to try telling a shorter story or make a longer video. There is so much action and fights you want to include ,- The action does not fit into a 3min story.
The plot would have worked a lot better if you focused on one or two episodes instead of 10.
You gotta see it from the perspective of the viewer.. It's your amv you know what's going on ,- imagine reading a book or seeing a movie as confusing and fast paced as this. The person who doesn't already know what is happening has no chance to keep up.

Other than that good work and keep it up :)
  Kroner (14 December 2018, 18:28)  
omg the amount of work is ridiculously high, so much work for a db vid is already unbelievable, GG. I really can't say too much about the plot since if it wasn't for the description I really couldn't understand nothing, maybe you could skip some enemies or slow down a bit to put more focus on what's happening but the amount of work is so high that I can only appreciate the efforts, even if I didn't enjoy the vid as much as I appreciate the efforts, Good luck dude!
  kain4ig (14 December 2018, 16:28)  
Клип не плохой, но как то все не атмосферно выглядит все сводится к технике а не к монтажу. MY2007 будет по лучше этой.
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