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EnzoAMV  [ EnzoAMV ]
Location:Wuppertal, Germany
Video: Dragon Ball, One Piece
Audio: Linkin Park - Faint
Genre: Action, Story, Character Profile
Length: 3:03
Added: 04.12.2018
Viewed: 6185
Author's Commentary
Goku is trapped and wanders around in a time loop (hence the title) where time and space is corrupted.
While trying to escape the loop, Goku is being held back by enemies from various timelines until he finally breaks his limits.

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Viewers Comments (total: 31)
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  TheCacoVenom (27 December 2018, 03:05)  
cool I really loved it,
  crooktj (26 December 2018, 01:25)  
Effort is appreciated here too. Understand the use of the portals, however, the portals themselves don't look very nice and takes away from the video imo.
  Helioxsw (23 December 2018, 03:48)  
best song ever
  Radical Dream (22 December 2018, 06:54)  
Its obvious that you are not newbie, so i cannot explain why you decided to use this song.
Few parts looks good and nicely done, so ill rate it high, even tho this is a worst music choice.
  cegan (21 December 2018, 22:48)  
1:36 was by far my favorite part of this amv. I really enjoyed this, maybe because I'm a DBZ fan haha :lol:
  kuruta (17 December 2018, 00:26)  
interesing idea and technics but bad choice of music. This music is too fast for explain your idea in the amv. Even so I wish you good luck in the contest, your effort is valuable.
  IGamerEditorAMV (16 December 2018, 15:15)  
Holy shit dude! You killed it! :cool: :cool:
  Nicokun (15 December 2018, 23:17)  
» Cheis106:
what a time to be alive
  Cheis106 (15 December 2018, 22:54)  
what a time to be alive
  JadeCharm (15 December 2018, 22:08)  
I was first watching without reading the description. And I didn't understand what was going on. I just wondered how any one would put that much effort in a basic DBZ+Linkin Park-AMV.
Then a second time after reading the description the story suddenly made kinda sense :D
You probably worked hard on the video but I think it would have been more enjoyable if you would have chosen a different song. From technical side this was superb!
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