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Nards  [ Nards ]
Страна:Ewa Beach, США
Видео: Микс [ Kimi no Na wa, Uchiage Hanami, Hoshi o Ou Kodomo ]
Музыка: Odesza - Line of Sight
Жанр: Character Profile
Время: 3:10
Добавлен: 12.01.2018
Просмотров: 18505
Комментарий автора
Symbolism. The shape in the video symbolizes movement, flow, and change. Often we find ourselves searching for "something". We're never satisfied. And as editors, we're often hard on ourselves and sometimes on others because of our own expectations. We set goals in search of some kind of way to make ourselves feel validated. The goals that we have set our sights on can often get lost along the way. One day we'll look in one place, the next day in another, becoming this endless loop. Sometimes what we're searching for is closer than we think. Who knows, whatever it is we're searching for could be right under our nose.

Special Thanks to all my friends and huge shoutout to Gorz and Neverend. Anyway, hope you can enjoy :)
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  reice (27 января 2018, 15:15)     
hm somthng is lost


  sucubus (27 января 2018, 15:01)     
  Axiles (27 января 2018, 14:56)    
10/10 :agree: :ura2:
  Kroner (27 января 2018, 14:52)     
Really a good job, and interesting idea behind it. I really enjoyed lots of moments, sometimes, expecially at the beginning, defocus was too strong imho, but overall it's one of my favs, good job, Coach told me that you did good and I must agree
  maple leaf (27 января 2018, 10:30)     
winner :smile:
  kms myself (27 января 2018, 08:01)    
You hear those splashes at the beginning? It was just me getting wet from this video.
  Nekroz (27 января 2018, 07:17)      
AMV different, but contains a lot your essence!
A little confusing but understandable! GJ Nards :smile:
  iMCoach (27 января 2018, 06:49)      
» Hikikom0ri
Very well articulated, I was unaware you were an english speaker and so well versed in your use of vernacular to properly convey exactly both what you saw and what you took away from it. I fully agree so I can't call it enlightening as much as a say it was a clear detailed insight of perspective. Hope to see something new from you soon :smile:
  Nards (27 января 2018, 06:47)    
» Hikikom0ri
Ah, thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it :biggrin:

Added (after 43 sec.):

» EnIgMoZz2
yeah why she got a 5head
  Hikikom0ri (27 января 2018, 06:15)     
There is something transcendent in this work. I mean, I'm not talking of the technique, that could be easily praised, I am talking about abstractism - or as you wanted to express it: symbolism. For many, and such fact is of such unhappiness, certain works must be brutally facilitated narratively to make sense, to please the intellect of an idle mass. Something about needing to be easy or you’ll die of diarrhea, you know? I am sure that I will see many comments questioning the real meaning of the AMV, accusing a lack of depth simply because "scattered symbols are but a superfluous way of valuing a non-existent concept." Bullshit. I do not agree with that. This way of thinking always seems paradoxical: to diminish the importance of something by being too different is clearly an ineffective attempt to justify one's own inability to understand. The oneiric tone and poetic bias only reinforces that each will get what he wants to understand. After all, does not human nature seek a motivation for every act, whether conscious or not, that it reproduces in life?

It's always a cliché, but really good works always tend to come up now. And considering a brilliant implementation technique, plus the courage to challenge the common logic, is one of my favorites in this contest.
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