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WingY  [ WingY ]
Страна:Long Island, США
Видео: Mob Psycho 100
Музыка: Jaden Smith - Icon
Жанр: Drama, Romance, Action
Время: 2:02
Добавлен: 09.01.2018
Просмотров: 4755
Комментарий автора
Hey dudes what up it's Wing Y here part of the Wing duo from vine here with that heat. This amv took me a long time to finish. I think I knocked it out of the park too. Hit me up if you have any questions.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 20)
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  Unlucky Artist (25 января 2018, 05:15)  
Not even the whole song but I liked it. It's nice to see a rap amv that's not trolling
  ICEberg (21 января 2018, 17:46)  
и снова необрезанные поля
ну проверяйте уже разрешение исходников и проекта

что это вообще было?
  Kvant (20 января 2018, 21:11)  
Ужасное м/в >_<
Не представляю себе как с ним нужно работать, что бы сделать круто. (Теоретически такую возможность допускаю). Ну и в целом клип, кажется, довольно слабый.
  kebenaj (20 января 2018, 07:29)  
wha do ya tryin' to tell me?
  777lexa777 (16 января 2018, 23:00)  
что то невнятное. под реп не к месту
  Mol (15 января 2018, 02:37)  
Not sure why but i generally like this, tho some of scenes feel slightly off it kinda does it weird thing to keep me entertained, still wish ending was better
  Nicokun (15 января 2018, 00:56)  
» WingY:
Ooof that english. Next time just let me google translate you instead buzzin :x
You're lucky, you have google translate when there's something you don't understand
Unfortunately there's nothing that helps me with your vid
  WingY (14 января 2018, 07:24)  
» EVOsvik
Give it a try you won't know if you'll like it if you don't try it. It's like chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles at first glance you see it and it's unappealing and straight up bizarre but once you dip your tongue and lips into it boy o boy is it good.

» Artofeel
:( I've seen his it's much better than mine uwu

» Nicokun
Ooof that english. Next time just let me google translate you instead buzzin :x

» PieandBeer
Thank you I tried keeping it simple but then I was like man why I'm putting these shackles on myself and I unleashed myself in that discord notifications we gotta keep these sneaky nibbas on they toes :)
  PieandBeer (13 января 2018, 23:18)  
pretty cool. def a disconnect between the actual series and the song, but i can see what you were going for with the aesthetic - it was cool af.the editing was solid, but i think some shots, like with teruki, held a bit too long. i also jesus christ the discord sound confused the shit out of me haha nice job
  Nicokun (13 января 2018, 22:25)  
Get this shit outta here, no one wants to see this kind of vids either it's interested in your descriptions
Even thou you could be a troll, you're not Enigmo so it's pointless to even try
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