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HonyxOtaku  [ HonyxOtaku ]
Location:Lambach, Austria
Video: Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi
Audio: Noisia - Lilith's Club
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Psychedelic
Length: 4:11
Added: 05.01.2018
Viewed: 5708
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Viewers Comments (total: 18)
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  Mol (01 Febuary 2018, 12:49)  
Hot , 1 scene stayed for a bit too long i think , but other than that i t makkes me want to give second chance to source xD
  HonyxOtaku (01 Febuary 2018, 08:14)  
» Kroner
Ha ha thanks to you
I am generell not happy, i never tought that my amv winns something or ehat ever xd but.. I never thougt.. That artofeel amv will.. Noo omg i dont cant write it it is so sad.. Because wtf!?!?! xD i am the only people on the World what think, what is wrong?
  Kroner (26 January 2018, 10:45)  
I’m not so happy with the viewers choice finalist, You were one of those I put on my list, but it seems that friendship it’s more important that justice, so we’lol see strange results for sure. Btw Good luck for future projects ;)

  Megamen (23 January 2018, 11:46)  
Не не не мать твою. Что ты наделал ? Почему вы никогда не уходите в narcotic trans
  ICEberg (21 January 2018, 13:19)  
невнятный сюжет
недостаточно безумия

неоригинальный глюк
  777lexa777 (16 January 2018, 22:51)  
сиськи письки, в остальном скучно.
  HonyxOtaku (10 January 2018, 19:21)  
» Kvant
Thank you for that nice comment : D i will do my best at the next Akross :)

Added (after 5 min. and 10 sec.):

» Kroner

Ohh i understand xD ha ha i i know that my idea was not so original xD a story to produce is not so easy with fast songs, i always will cut all beats from the song(Unfortunately)..thanks : ) i will do my best by the next Akross.

Added (after 15 sec.):

» dumtumdum:
Thank you

Added (after 1 min. and 31 sec.):

» Death_Kn1ght
Ha ha xD omg xD in german, when i do it in is really funny xD but i think i understand a bit - thank you, i will learn ! : )
  Death_Kn1ght (10 January 2018, 17:21)  
Мутная жестянка с хорошей синхрой , но очень специфично и на любителя.

  dumtumdum (10 January 2018, 10:25)  
good job
  Kroner (10 January 2018, 09:21)  
» HonyxOtaku
Don't worry, I'm not one of those who compare every vid with another and if you didn't surpass the compared one you only made sh*t. It was a compliment I wanted to tell you, cause I really love Kazkon works and this one reminds me Onirica in terms of concept, just this. I wasn't saying u copied or anything like this (who cares btw if your idea wasn't original). I must add that I was really surprised by your work, it's far more better that what I expect, I see you put lots of efforts in it and it's really visible, I may seems harsh, but I just try to give my honest opinion trying to help others
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