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Coach  [ iMCoach ]
Location:New York, USA
Video: Various [ Kuzu no Honkai, Sankarea, Yosuga no Sora, White Album, Guilty Crown, Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e, Koi to Uso, Kakegurui ]
Audio: Stephen - Sincerely
Genre: Action, Drama
Length: 3:30
Added: 27.12.2017
Viewed: 7902
Author's Commentary
Hey, I'm Coach. Enjoy the video and stuff. Thank you to alice2k for if not for you Akross may have not happened this year. The story is simple it, if you've seen zetsuen no tempest you'll know I merely altered the story slightly to change who feels what and who's present for some events. Most of the other video sources were used only for the butterflies from other anime. Anyway rate it, like it, dislike it but my only hope is someone enjoys it; peace. Oh and Murry Chrismusss

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Viewers Comments (total: 38)
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  iMCoach (23 January 2018, 14:21)  
» Megamen
Some people just have a way with words, and other people … oh … not have way.

  Megamen (23 January 2018, 13:07)  
Это СКУУУУУЧНО.... Скуууучно.
  ICEberg (21 January 2018, 01:34)  
экшен есть
драмы нет
сюжета нет
синхра...ну местами появляется

зато необрезанные поля - есть
  iMCoach (18 January 2018, 04:27)  
» leolide
I own a VHS
  leolide (17 January 2018, 07:34)  
no vhs
  777lexa777 (16 January 2018, 22:36)  
чот синхры будто и нет. видео ряд и трек живут своими жизнями
  iMCoach (05 January 2018, 11:50)  
» Death_Kn1ght

We're both old people in that regard thank you I pretty much understood what you meant by what you said it really felt like in some parts I picked scenes for my story and in other parts I simply picked scenes because they were cool in that regard I know there is a lot for me to learn and I will be always take into consideration every single bit of advice I receive even if it's "too hard" I like the honesty and it will help me better than pretending to be nice so be as hard on me as you have to because I only want to grow and become better.
  Death_Kn1ght (05 January 2018, 06:31)  
» iMCoach
Well , may be i sayed it too hard in previous comment , i just wanted to admit some randomness in video. Technique is good, but tanks and planes and distorshen effects was "out of root" or smthg , dont do it so hard next time ^_^
I hope you will grow , its the main target of contests for authors , thats why they are making works , good luck ! =) (sry for my english if smthg , havent practice since university , 6 years have passed ^^)
  iMCoach (05 January 2018, 06:24)  
» Kroner
Of course thank you for all the help and the opinions whilst making it and hope I can continue to improve and seek your help in the future.

» Death_Kn1ght
Thanks a lot for the help hope to take what you said into account for future AMV's and applying it so I can improve and grow. Aka it really do be like dat sometimes :)
  Death_Kn1ght (05 January 2018, 05:56)  
Дисторшены, куны, дисторшены, глаз, дисторшены, тян, самолёты, танки, кто-то в крови сидит на стуле, дисторшены, кун умер... Что это блин такое было ? Драма ? Качественная ? То ли лыжи не едут, то ли я е.... М/В кстати, отстой имхо.
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