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TrueAmv  [ TrueAmv ]
Страна:Новомосковск, Россия
Видео: Hellsing Ultimate
Музыка: Vosmoy - Borsch
Жанр: Story, Action, Horror
Время: 5:27
Добавлен: 10.01.2017
Просмотров: 20210
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 13)
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  MrNosec (14 января 2017, 16:01)  
Cool dark themed AMV! Wish there were more of those recently, although I feel like it lacks impact, I enjoyed the apocalyptic and depressing atmosphere, but the experience was hindered by some technical factors though.

The overall image is way too dark, yes of course it fits the concept, but there's a difference between being dark and completely black aka zero from 0-255, it should have been balanced more evenly in my opinion.
When you used Camera Lens Blur (at least it looks like it) at around 0:23, the black bars got blurred aswell and mixed with the rest of the video, it just looked very incongruous for me, only the video should be blurred when this happens or it ruins the immersion by changing the aspect ratio.
Also, why render/encode it at 60fps? Since you didn't use any form of interpolation it just bloated the file size and doubled the duplicated frames, sometimes even taking 6 frames to complete an animation, as you can see here: check how many times I click " next frame "

Hope you don't take this as a rant or as a way to tell you how to make your videos, by all means keep at it if that's your style, just something to consider for your future projects, good luck in the contest :wink:
  Axiles (14 января 2017, 15:19)  

  sucubus (14 января 2017, 11:44)  
борщ мне нравится, а вот клип о нём как-то не очень.
всё слишком темно.
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