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Cerberus  [ Cerberus9 ]
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Video: Various [ Berserk (2016), Drifters, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works ]
Audio: Sabaton - Resist and Bite
Genre: Action, Horror
Length: 3:32
Added: 23.12.2016
Viewed: 15615
Author's Commentary
I really liket the music and these anime's and I thought why not combine them...
This happened to be the end result. There may be of course some little errors, but in total I think this AMV of mine is worth joining to this contest.
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Viewers Comments (total: 18)
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  Unlucky Artist (03 January 2017, 06:03)  
Not bad but Rider4Z basically did the same combo and I think she wore it better. Also, the lyric typography for this looks a bit too similar to that of Gloria Fortis Miles..
  axonjunior (03 January 2017, 03:12)  
Random mess w/ music :facepalm:
  -Chloe- (03 January 2017, 02:43)  
Nothing special or new but coo fan-made video for fun if you're into this sort of stuffs, probbly will not win anything but gl
  Kurosaki D (03 January 2017, 01:31)  
good combo c:
  AiaSnTropeaS (02 January 2017, 20:02)  
good job 10/10 from me :biggrin:
  MesoGear (02 January 2017, 19:58)  
по моему видео как-то совсем мимо трека, да и в целом подбор кадров и монтаж вышели бестолковыми
  777lexa777 (02 January 2017, 18:43)  
что то совершенно не под видео ряд трек идет. да и было что то похожее уже где то.

  sucubus (02 January 2017, 15:35)  
Sabaton - это новый Rammstein :biggrin:
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