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PieandBeer  [ PieandBeer ]
Location:Boston, USA
Studio:Tsunderbird Studios
Video: Tokyo Godfathers
Audio: Sleeping At Last - Sun
Genre: Drama, Sentimental, Character Profile
Length: 4:45
Added: 15.12.2016
Viewed: 31563
Author's Commentary
About this video:

Merry Christmas, have a 4 minute long sentimental vid >:)
In all seriousness, I had been dying to make a video with these sources due to their shared Christian overtones and thought Christmas would be the best time to make it. I tried to distill the story down to the trio's journey with the baby with scattered hints of their personal battles and plot points. I did my best to not just summarize the source, but emphasize these attributes and give a general feeling to what the film is about. As such, a large portion of the plot and characterization was skipped over. If you have not seen the film yet, I beg you to do so as there is so much great animation and story that I could not fit into this video.

Anyway, happy holidays everyone! Hope you enjoy the video.
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Viewers Comments (total: 26)
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  777lexa777 (25 December 2016, 19:56)  
грустненько как то
  ZoroIttoryu (24 December 2016, 17:49)  
Really liked it!
  VэL (24 December 2016, 17:48)  
8.2/10 :smile:
  EVOsvik (24 December 2016, 09:54)  
Так себе
  maple leaf (24 December 2016, 09:44)  
Awesome choice of music and sources. Very emotional and a unique try on the Christmas theme, job well done and I hope you can make it in into final.

  Kvant (23 December 2016, 19:06)  
Мило, трогательно. Даже если это просто пересказ исходника, то всё равно хорошая работа за счёт подбора м/в и аккуратного подбора кадров.
До драмы и до профиля конечно не дотягивает.

  dumtumdum (23 December 2016, 17:23)  
very good
  botdru (23 December 2016, 12:06)  
классно! атмосфера хорошая у клипа
  Unlucky Artist (23 December 2016, 07:14)  
You've edited to tokyo godfatherz, I can die now, thank you. I've seen the movie like 3 times and I've never noticed the christian christmas overtones! Wowie.
  lolligerjoj (23 December 2016, 00:56)  
top hot shit right there

The most suibliminal christmas video that is also a very good christmas video. I'm a fan.
Gotta rewatch that movie soon
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