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Kyci  [ Kyci ]
Location:Tustin, USA
Video: Various [ K-On!, Non Non Biyori, Nichijou, WataMote, Tamako Market ]
Audio: Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox)
Genre: Fun, Comedy, Story
Length: 3:44
Added: 13.12.2016
Viewed: 42765
Author's Commentary
My goal of this video was to progress a story consisting of rhythm-only segments. The title is centered around Renge (Purple Hair), a small, curious, yet intelligent first grader with her imagination being the focus. She gathers her twintail friends; Mio (Cyan Hair) and Tomoko (Black Hair) to show "After School Tea Time" their fan girl power. Renge's attitude throughout the story is pure fun. Giving her expression is rather serious, she's a very kind person, and only wants to show her favorite band she's their number one fan. Thank you for watching.
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Viewers Comments (total: 27)
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  DEDninja (31 August 2017, 22:33)  
Великолепно, и, со вкусом.
  KEN13 (01 July 2017, 11:59)  
Чтоб меня!!!!! ))
  Sebacarp (28 January 2017, 16:40)  
Party Hard! Oh yeah!!!
  InsanitySupporter (28 January 2017, 06:20)  
Rhythm could be better at some points, the same with how you managed the transitions BUT the idea is unique and is quite entertaining!!
Good luck.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (25 January 2017, 02:20)  
I did well my choices. Welcome buddy
  xDieguitoAMV (24 January 2017, 23:38)  
LMAO at 2:27 the part of " i´m your biggest fan" makes me laugh hard. I enjoyed this a lot :tu:
  Kyci (20 January 2017, 15:51)  
Thank you for viewing!
  MetL storm (18 January 2017, 15:36)  
Awesome! Thank you Kyci
  ICEberg (17 January 2017, 17:19)  
треш ^_^
закончить бы на концерте - и было бы совсем хорошо
  AnimeFanaticBoy (04 January 2017, 18:45)  
Unexpected ending :laugh:
As a fan of K-on! I approve this
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