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kuruta  [ kuruta ]
Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina
Video: Various [ Hal, Kara no Kyōkai, Steins;Gate, Ghost in the Shell, Natsume Yuujinchou San, Psycho-Pass ]
Audio: Tony Anderson - The Prophecy
Genre: Drama, Sentimental, Psychedelic, Story
Length: 2:42
Added: 10.12.2016
Viewed: 54861
Author's Commentary
For personal occupations I have not participated in this contest for a long time, akross is my favorite, on this occasion try to do something different, this amv has a deep connection with my sentimental part, and try to express it as best I could, several people helped me and gave me encouragement to finish this project, thank you very much to all of them.

This project was for the 2014 edition of the contest, has been extended in a severe way, due to the few hours that I could dedicate, yet I am happy with the final result, I hope you enjoy it.

I thank Fury (alex mihai) for making the gif of the presentation.

And I also thank SIK, a great editing partner, who made me know this wonderful song, that is really inspiring.

"The truth is that my whole life moves between these two terms: time and eternity." © Michel Tournier
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Viewers Comments (total: 37)
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  NIGHT (26 January 2017, 19:53)  
Круто конечно, но для меня слишком своеобразно.
  xkazutoamv (26 January 2017, 16:44)  
:inlove: hermoso amv bro.. te pasate, Buen trabajo 10/10
  Nicokun (26 January 2017, 01:01)  
  PieandBeer (25 January 2017, 16:14)  
this is probably one of my favorite videos in the contest this year. it's refreshing and solidly edited. a couple of the the photos in the album looked too pasted on and a few transitions were a bit jarring (particularly at 1:47) but you managed to make the time traveling amv trope feel fresh and interesting again. very nice job!
  Leegf (25 January 2017, 13:59)  
Storyline is a bit complex... I've watched it 2 times already and still have a lot of questions. I got the gist, but details keep bothering me.
Nonetheless, visual\audio parts are okay.
  Laeks (25 January 2017, 09:13)  
Puff sin palabras, gran trabajo
  GilgameshIRL (25 January 2017, 03:27)  
Where is Enigmo this year? Our lord and saviour seems to have left Akross. This must mean this is the final Akross.
  Nekroz (25 January 2017, 03:24)  
Very Good Kuruta!!!
Congratz and Good Luck xD
  AMVs Gimenez (25 January 2017, 02:21)  
Como esperaba este AMV ! Lpm... sino presentabas este proyecto para este año realmente te ibas a ir al carajo con el timeh´ :old: jajaja, bueno en fin esto es excelente Maxi :wow: :pray: , la verdad me dejastes sin palabras, estoy completamente sorprendido con este video desde el inicio hasta el final, tengo que admitir que esta increible la escena principal y la del seg 0:45.
El AMV esta super, mas la excelente tecnica que le aplicastes, efectos, overlays,etc.
Te deseo "lo mejor" para este concurso pa y espero que puedas estar en el puesto mas alto, un abrazo saludos.

10/10 !!!

  Sebacarp (25 January 2017, 00:35)  
Wow!! Masi tremendo video!

En mi lista estas en primer lugar!

Felicitaciones! Gran trabajo!!! :inlove:
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