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Tribel  [ Tribel ]
Location:Delaware, USA
Video: Kyoukai no Kanata
Audio: EDEN - Gravity
Genre: Drama, Story
Length: 4:11
Added: 10.12.2016
Viewed: 20969
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Viewers Comments (total: 19)
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  KEN13 (13 November 2017, 19:12)  
Заезженная тема, но музыка вытащила всё. Неплохое сочетание))
  ICEberg (17 January 2017, 19:14)  
все те же кадры
все тот же сюжет
боян однако
  AnimeFanaticBoy (04 January 2017, 18:19)  
It has its mood but too much contrast
  leolide (29 December 2016, 23:58)  
this ok 10/10 would bang :cool:
  Zebiru (19 December 2016, 23:40)  
1:06 - 1:13 Bad scenes selection cuz glasses disappear and appear again. Good CC in general and average music selection. Couldn't feel the emotion that u tried to pass. 3/10
  PieandBeer (16 December 2016, 18:18)  
this video is so shiny and clean +AAA+ for me there is a sort of mood disconnect between the song and anime (like the drink too much part and the singer's accent in general) but that's just a preference thing on my part. this video is well done and the story differently comes through. i'm excited to see what you make next :) great job
  maple leaf (16 December 2016, 17:32)  
The color contrast seem to be a bit much on the beginning and some scene's exposure was quite blown out, especially when you watch it in fullscreen,1080p.

Nonetheless, editing is solid. I like this AMV a lot and I hope you will make it into final. :wink: Good job.
  Milky Way (16 December 2016, 04:07)  
приятная работа,но соглашусь с прошлыми комментариями - скучная
возможно,автор подобрал не тот трек и вся атмосфера полностью не была передана как задумывалось
  Kvant (16 December 2016, 03:13)  
Очередной клип на этот исходник. Хотя, кажется, Я увидел новые кадры.
По мне в целом скучно и как-то блекло. Эмоции такой клип должен вызывать, кажется. Вот у меня ни каких эмоций не вызвал.
Романтика же, местами даже наверное неплохая, ну или во всяком, смотрибельная... что автор с жанром не определился (?)
  Tribel (16 December 2016, 02:52)  
» frosta

Yeah, I know it's going to be boring to a lot of people. It's really slow paced intentionally. I tried my best to channel my own personal emotions through my editing. A lot of people aren't going to be able to relate to that, and I understand. Thank you for the feedback though. It's always appreciated!
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