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Gta iv86  [ Gta iv86 ]
Страна:Charlottesville, США
Видео: Микс [ Laputa: Castle in the Sky, From Up On Poppy Hill, The Tale of Princess Kaguya, When Marnie Was Here, End of Evangelion, Evangelion 2.22, Evangelion 3.33, Akira, Battle Royal High School, Karas, Dimension Bomb, Angel Cop, Bakemonogatari, Nisomonogatari, Nekomonogatari, Kizumonogatari, Lucky Star, The Sky Crawlers, Midori, Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun, Barefoot Gen, Shigurui, Ghost in the Shell: Arise ]
Музыка: Микс [ Clark - Banjo, Huoratron - Cryptocracy, Erasnys Talbot FD - ED Comp Piano ]
Жанр: Psychedelic, Action
Время: 1:15
Добавлен: 16.11.2016
Просмотров: 41882
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  Nicokun (22 ноября 2016, 21:25)  
is this a troll? 3
  Gta iv86 (22 ноября 2016, 02:03)  
  Ligh[t] (22 ноября 2016, 01:44)  
Loli everywhere :lol:
  Zebiru (22 ноября 2016, 00:51)  
U r going to win the Comedy category, keep it up bro
  MrNosec (21 ноября 2016, 22:49)  
» buggy
If you don't care you wouldn't have mentioned it :wink:
But that's the spirit.
  buggy (21 ноября 2016, 22:47)  
that's because i used an effect and played with it however i wanted..used it to tell a story, make an amv..it's not like i copy pasted the frames..whatever..edit however you want, i don't care

Gta iv86 - i just wanted to give you that constructive criticism
  Gta iv86 (21 ноября 2016, 22:47)  
» buggy
» MrNosec
Well lets not trash this comment section anymore or else i might win a award for best meme of 2016. But i think people should just do what they want, and stop comparing since with as many "Styles" as there is theres a great chance a amv is gonna remind you of it.
  MrNosec (21 ноября 2016, 22:43)  
» buggy
For example, your "Within" AMV was also severely criticized for being the anime version of the "True Detective" intro, to which you kept replying it was just " double fucking exposure ". Taking inspiration and adapting other styles to mold your own, thus creating a video with your own ideas and concept is perfectly ok, as I said so in the comments of your video in AMVnews.
  buggy (21 ноября 2016, 22:37)  
idk man he has a very distinct style, the same way nostromo has..if you want to edit like that it's fine by me..i was just saying..
  MrNosec (21 ноября 2016, 22:32)  
» buggy

Very amusing how there are hundreds of editors whose style is exactly the same as everyone else's, and nobody cares, but when anyone does anything slightly reminiscent of lolligerjoj, everyone loses their minds.
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