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wolf kun  [ wolf kun ]
Location:Taipei, Taiwan
Video: No Game No Life, Fate/Zero
Audio: Icon for Hire - Cynics & Critics
Genre: Action
Length: 3:07
Added: 06.11.2016
Viewed: 29434
Author's Commentary
This is my first time to take part in AKROSS, im very very excited , and i hope you enjoy~
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Viewers Comments (total: 31)
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  Muchiro (19 November 2016, 16:40)  
The concept is original, and rather well done. But it was too fast for me, I had to pause many times, and then rub my eyes. Maybe it was a nice idea in the making to show as many images as possible, but in the end, it's pretty much everything and nothing. Moreover, the images are very dark... I can't really say I appreciated what I saw in the extent that I don't really know what I saw.
I'm not saying it's bad. The idea is good, the effects are nice, but the way it is staged is confusing. In any case, good luck to you!
  Лисёнок-тян (16 November 2016, 22:28)  
8/10 зачётно)
  EVOsvik (16 November 2016, 21:07)  
Эффект покрытый эффектом... ну ваще смотрибельно
  Padliza (16 November 2016, 18:27)  
Нормально, только музыкальное сопровождение тяжеловатое, надо было что то подинамичнее на мой взгляд.
  777lexa777 (12 November 2016, 18:57)  
Боянисто очень, напоминает какой то другой клипп
  InsanitySupporter (12 November 2016, 02:35)  
I think the concept is good and may have fitted this kind of music, however it lacks flow for being a nice action video.
Maybe some more graphics to really demostrate that "video game" concept may have helped.
The coloring isn't bad but at some times it is too bright, and sometimes chromatic aberration "saturates" the scene, but the color scheme for your scenes was nice.
  Nekroz (11 November 2016, 18:04)  
Nice nice nice hahahahaha
  nasuverse (10 November 2016, 02:36)  
very good work, but maybe can you polish the brighne a little :smile:
  ZaRish (09 November 2016, 13:17)  
Техника есть, синхра есть, м/в ну такое, но цепляет. Да и пока других хороших роликов нет. 6,8/10
  Whiterock (09 November 2016, 13:05)  
Фифектов, ещё фифектов! Нужно больше фифектов богу фифектов!

А так да, та задумка, которая была скатилась просто в кашу сменяющихся действий.
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