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It all began as I was planing to do a vid for Connichi 2008. I started in Dezember with my first project, but stopped after 30 secs of work, since some hardware issues occurred. 2 months later I was lacking motivation to finish this vid and I started with some other side projects and was mostly occupied with school. Then the deadline was coming and I saw myself with no entry. So with no actual video, I gave myself a deadline to finish a vid for the contest and by chance the AWA Pro deadline was near. So I forced myself to finish a video within a week to get it done by the AWA deadline (luckily me had holidays around that time). This vid is the outcome of this one week of work. I barely finished it and sent in a beta to the connichi and AWA Pro. A few days ago after getting myself to actually start to fix the flaws in this vid, I found out that most of my project files got corrupted :| ...yeah I was really pissed at that moment as you can think, especially for not making any backup files -.- So ehm..yeah, this vid have still a lot of flaws, which nearly got me to the point of not release this ever. But, well...I still like the idea of this vid a lot, so I'm releasing the contest version here. blabla...kay, to sum it up: Vid is made within a week, concept is pretty clear, no fancy fx in here, had a good reference for the garden, Noe>Hiromi... ...and enjoy watching o:
Видео    True Tears, Original 3D Animation
Музыка    The Cranberries - Will You Remember
Жанр    Romance, Sentimental, Drama
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Всего комментариев: 4[1]
dumtumdum  [ 28 сентября 2010, 07:02 ]
nice work
kalich411  [ 14 августа 2010, 15:10 ]
симпатично, весело...
HiDeaki  [ 05 ноября 2008, 12:55 ]
boring, but the author has talent
Одиссей  [ 03 ноября 2008, 15:58 ]
3d не на высоте... побольше нужно динамичных масок
и поточнее их делать.... афтор способен делать клипы очень высокого качества, если правльно будет распоряжатся своими способностями.... в целом довольно таки скучно... но за задумку спасибо

Art - 9-
M\V - 8
Tech - 7
Pers - 6