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TakayanagiPRO  [ TakayanagiPRO ]
Location:Brasilia, Brazil
Video: Highschool of the Dead, Terror in Resonance, Toradora!
Audio: Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Genre: Story, Fun, Action
Length: 4:40
Added: 16.10.2016
Viewed: 39509
Author's Commentary
Write a description is my least favorite part. Because, being honest, I exceed all my "creative" force (can I say that?) when I am creating the AMV. And when I finally arrive in this part, I don't even know who I am, I don't like to hear the music anymore and the anime I used seems saturated. You know, it's hard to create a name (a title!), for the project, imagine an entire description? Well, it was fun, and I'm happy to have finished the project and participate here, in the Akross.

I not going to talk much about the AMV, because I hope you guys watch and then find out what it is.
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Viewers Comments (total: 42)
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  MrGafudo (25 October 2016, 08:44)  
hahaha is enjoyable to watch :3
  Desilion (25 October 2016, 02:10)  
Bom trabalho, hermano! É ótimo ver nossos camaradas br representando 8
  Nekroz (25 October 2016, 00:23)  
Como proceder?
Só podia ser BR mesmo uehuahuehuuhuhe
A finalização foi bem inesperada, eu curti!!!!
Nome criativo, amv cm uma boa sincronia, um clima bem agradável kkkk, e com créditos bem aplicados xD
Bom trabalho e boa sorte :p
  NIGHT (24 October 2016, 23:19)  
Nice )

  dumtumdum (24 October 2016, 15:56)  
  Whiterock (24 October 2016, 13:03)  
I was skeptical with HotD in the source, but to my surprise this turned out to be quite fun!
However to the bad things: after 2:00 and till the end the flow of story felt very repetitive, and the music itself made that feeling even worse.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (24 October 2016, 02:09)  
I didnt understand what happened there, but you have a technique
  InsanitySupporter (24 October 2016, 01:11)  
Tbh I wasn't expecting to enjoy this video a lot when I read the series and song used, I thought this would be really random and troll or badly edited, but I'm glad I was proven wrong!
It makes such a unique fun video! The editing is simple but the way you convey the scenes with the music make it great, i'd suggest you to submit this video to american conventions' contests, I think you have big chances to win best fun or even best original concept on those contests.
I expect to see more stuff from you soon!

Eu realmente amei este vídeo, meu amigo! É melhor você continuar fazendo fun AMVs!
  Death_Kn1ght (24 October 2016, 01:06)  
Зачётный самобытный фан с внезапно обалденным м/в
8/10 :)
  Wedmag (23 October 2016, 22:28)  
никогда не любил аниме такого рода, но тут как то прокатило.. за Queen особое спасибо..
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