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TakayanagiPRO  [ TakayanagiPRO ]
Location:Brasilia, Brazil
Video: Highschool of the Dead, Terror in Resonance, Toradora!
Audio: Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Genre: Story, Fun, Action
Length: 4:40
Added: 16.10.2016
Viewed: 39588
Author's Commentary
Write a description is my least favorite part. Because, being honest, I exceed all my "creative" force (can I say that?) when I am creating the AMV. And when I finally arrive in this part, I don't even know who I am, I don't like to hear the music anymore and the anime I used seems saturated. You know, it's hard to create a name (a title!), for the project, imagine an entire description? Well, it was fun, and I'm happy to have finished the project and participate here, in the Akross.

I not going to talk much about the AMV, because I hope you guys watch and then find out what it is.
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Viewers Comments (total: 42)
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  [insertnamehere] (09 December 2016, 11:53)  
you need to be careful with static frames but nice!
  C-Strelok (25 November 2016, 21:13)  
Я только врубиться не могу: как связаны между собой зомбаки и атомный удар?
Но, отдельно вынесенная история двух персонажей из HSOD мне понравилась :)
  TakayanagiPRO (23 November 2016, 02:14)  
» u wish u could BEE me

Oh :sad:, je comprends. Donc, allant à l'encontre de le dicton "ne pas nourrir les trolls", je vous demande de continuer de commenter ici.


And sorry for the poor french, bee bee. Just like you, I don't speak the language very well.

» teenangst

You too, big guy. I loved the avatar, very sympathetic.

  u wish u could BEE me (23 November 2016, 01:51)  
» TakayanagiPRO
Excusé mua, mademoiselle. je non parle huehuefavela mucho benne.
  teenangst (23 November 2016, 01:50)  
» TakayanagiPRO
dont bring up youR kInKs ThOt
  TakayanagiPRO (23 November 2016, 01:20)  
» u wish u could BEE me

Oh, a AhNegão! member. :laugh:

  u wish u could BEE me (23 November 2016, 01:03)  
  saned (21 November 2016, 01:33)  
غريب . الموسيقاء غير و القطات ما تنجذب للموسيقاء ابدآ

واسف على هذا
  Leegf (15 November 2016, 00:19)  
I didn't like some static frames like than one on 0:56. It doesn't go well with the rhythm of the song.
Also, some transitions looked out of place. 1:15... rly?
It was too long. Half the lenth would be perfect, I think.
Still, the idea is great. It was pleasure to watch.
  Ochinchin (11 November 2016, 17:21)  
Did you know that a study in Britain showed that this is the happiest song (at least, in Britain)?
I was expecting it to be a bit more explicitly comedic, what with the characters in such an extreme situation (I haven't seen the source). More of an emphasis on the contradiction between the song's upbeat positivity and the negative situation of the source.
I liked when there was sync between the words in the song and the footage. Favorite bit: 1:45 of course. :)
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