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Ðяaga  [ Draga ]
Страна:Paris, Франция
Видео: Микс [ Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru, Shinmai Maou no Testament, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Hyouka, High School of the Dead, Gin no Saji, Gundam Build Fighters Try, Clannad ]
Музыка: EDEN - Wake Up
Жанр: Sentimental, Character Profile
Время: 2:42
Добавлен: 16.01.2016
Просмотров: 30215
Комментарий автора
"What was that sheet of paper?"

Alternative Version = 60 fps

*I don't have a team/studio , AMV Tunisia is a community (I just wanted to make that clear).

Yo! Here is my first Akross AMV (yeah I did a GMV before xD)

I apologize for the long intro , the clip was supposed to have two more minutes...I spend a week on the first minute then I dropped the project , lazyness is OP , can't do anything about it ^^ , in the end I changed my mind and finished the rest in a day (the last day before the deadline) so the result is...(I feel like I will be killed before the end of the Akross xD) I just didn't want to throw what I have already done :D
I am bad with color corrections so I tried to use colors in my own way and this is what happened...otherwise the story is rather simple :)

Anyway , I think i have said too much things for an AMV like this one ,it's too bad that I couldn't work properly on the video but I tried to keep my original idea even if I rushed the second part a lot (the one day marathon...)

Special thanks to Kazeshin and Lightningarrow , I think without them I would have never done a non-IC min (the first minute...) yeah it's a miracle for me...

PS1 : 02:18 AE is completly trolling me , I used trapcode...too late for a re-render...-_-'
PS2 : This may be my last AMV , though I just put a "sum up" of the main description , the book will be released on Youtube.
PS3 : I hope you are bad at japanese , I only know how to read/write hiragana and katakana , therefore google was my biggest friend :D
PS4 : I don't have a PS4 T_T
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 34)
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  S.A. Robert (25 января 2016, 00:53)  
Клип скучный, но техника симпатичная.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (25 января 2016, 00:41)  
Dude retirement doesnt exts, you quit and suddenly you return back
  antaresheart07 (24 января 2016, 23:35)  
Omg amazing!! :inlove:
  Zuuki' (24 января 2016, 23:25)  
En voyant les screens j'me suis dit "AH Draga il sort sa tête pour nous montrer un truc frais, intéressant et skillé. J'ai matté le clip et je dois avouer que je suis assez déçus du résultat même si y'a quelques compos sympas ça reste trop brouillon et on voit que c'est plus du test que de la pratique. La musique et ton anime donne quelques choses d'assez bien pcq on connais pas forcément et c'est toujours bien de découvrir un anime à travers un AMV mais pour le coup j'ai pas vraiment apprécier ! 5.5/10
  SyndromAMV (24 января 2016, 22:19)  
Sorry bro I have PS4 ! Super AMV masha allah ! :inlove:
  ICEberg (24 января 2016, 22:07)  
внятная история с формальными признаками сентиментала
профайл раскрыт
слишком затянутый опенинг

но слишком банальный сюжет
  Хлебушек (24 января 2016, 21:40)  
  Strat (24 января 2016, 20:38)  
It's a pity, but laziness is a villain :C
I don't know if this will be your last amv but good luck with the contest and your life
  Juancarlosdm95 (24 января 2016, 20:16)  
I don't have a ps4 too bro :( i know that feel :(
Btw, one of my fav vídeos in the con, good luck
  Axiles (24 января 2016, 20:13)  
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