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Kurosaki D  [ Kurosaki D ]
Location:Santiago, Chile
Studio:Iron Team
Video: Various [ Kara no Kyoukai, Fate/Zero, Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Gangsta, 5 Centimeters per Second, Zankyou no Terror, Steins;Gate, Nagi no Asukara, Jormungand: Perfect Order, Hibike! Euphonium, Glasslip, Charlotte ]
Audio: Papa Roach - Leader of the Broken Hearts
Genre: Drama, Story, Character Profile
Length: 2:15
Added: 15.01.2016
Viewed: 37925
Author's Commentary
Four person that lost them hope, but when they meet each other burns a light, a light of the heart.
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Viewers Comments (total: 40)
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  iKuro (27 January 2016, 00:14)  
Mereces mas que esto Dario. Ya sabes que me gusto mucho suerte en el repechaje
  diegao94 (26 January 2016, 23:43)  
Not bad man, nice concept. Good luck :D
  nivekov123 (26 January 2016, 23:13)  
clear concept and well edited, but extremely weak with impact and pretty easily to understand the idea of the video in the first minute. good luck
  leolide (26 January 2016, 23:10)  
10/10 would have banged if you had not abandoned me in the crows IC :sad:
  995Gabber (26 January 2016, 23:00)  
I was having so much fun with the concept which I found to be too good.
But the ending was the definition of anticlimactic.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (26 January 2016, 22:13)  
Raza ha llegado el momento de brillar tan alto como las estrellas :cool:
  MrGafudo (26 January 2016, 22:05)  
El amv esta op, deberías haber acabado en el grupo A en serio :v
  Akito - Neto (26 January 2016, 21:35)  
Muy bien dario, me encanto el vídeo...
Tiene esa atmósfera que te entretiene y quieres saber como va a terminar, en pocas palabras me enganchó.
Bien echó :inlove:
  Strat (26 January 2016, 21:32)  
Me gustó mucho la idea, si te tomases más tiempo y tuvieras más paciencia sacarías un vídeo muy bueno, como en el Gold AMV que estaba esperando. No importa lo que tardes y no te apresures con las deadlines, good job :)
  TioBlacky (26 January 2016, 21:26)  
dario ql op <3
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