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Kurobi  [ Juancarlosdm95 ]
Location:San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Video: Tamako Love Story
Audio: Troye - Youth
Genre: Character Profile, Drama
Length: 2:00
Added: 15.01.2016
Viewed: 29717
Author's Commentary
Hi again :P
Is a pleasure to be in this contest again xD
Well, this video was a alternative idea that I had, because, with all my work and the college i don't have time :C But i made some of time (a week ) to made this video and well, this is the result :p Hope you like and if you have any comment o critique just say it, I wanna learn more and more xDD :p
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Viewers Comments (total: 28)
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  zeroTM (05 November 2016, 16:26)  
Kurobi tus trabajos tan pros!! como siempre te lo dije antes pero muy Buen pero que muy buen trabajo
  777lexa777 (23 March 2016, 21:40)  
кадры подобраны красивые
  DEDninja (19 March 2016, 23:32)  
Рады видеть снова! И снова у автора отличная работа!
Мои 8.8/10
  Kvant (07 March 2016, 22:56)  
Ми-ми-мишненько, в первую очередь за счет миленького м/в.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (04 Febuary 2016, 02:49)  
Creo que no lo habia comentado pero ya el beta estaba bastante avanzado cuando lo mire y al final dio sus frutos. Es hora de esperar a las votaciones
  KEN13 (02 Febuary 2016, 20:35)  
Милость зашкаливает. Спасибо ^___^
  Armed (02 Febuary 2016, 15:47)  
Ну наконец то чувак, который хорошо чувствует музыку. 10 :smile:
Украл альт версию.
  NIGHT (01 Febuary 2016, 16:59)  
Миленько :smile:.
  Juancarlosdm95 (31 January 2016, 05:25)  
» Unver:
Прогресс на лицо, работа смотрится легко и непренужденно, да и сюжет вроде как прослеживается.
Thanks for the support!

» Akito - Neto:

Gracias Akito <3

» MrGafudo
Gracias gafudin <3

» S.A. Robert
Thanks >;3

» antaresheart07
Thanks Chiara <3

» kebenaj
The only question that I have is, why you are comparing 2 different videos? I love Dandelion. Btw, thanks for the coment >:3

» AnimeFanaticBoy
Lo que creo es que no tienen criterio propio, pero bueno, gracias pana :3

» leolide
Bang all da way >;3 xDD

» Axiles

» NProtecktSikario

Asi hago yo con tu video xDDD

» gabber1991md
Thanks Gabber, I'm waiting your collab xDD

» Fynjy
Thanks Fynjy~!!!

» iKuro
Gracias loco :3

» TheCacoVenom
Gracias Pendejo-sama!! :3

» leolide
Ya te descubrieron leo D: Now RUUUN!!!!
  leolide (31 January 2016, 02:54)  
» magd99
who are you and how do you know my inner self???? :wow: :wow: :wow:
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