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Location:Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Studio:Æon Studios
Video: Terror in Resonance, Tokyo Ghoul
Audio: Hurts - Mercy
Genre: Psychedelic
Length: 2:13
Added: 30.12.2015
Viewed: 41071
Author's Commentary
This is my first time participating in this contest , I've been always busy with college , but I mange to find some free time to edit this , took me about 8 days to edit this one , wanted more time to make it longer but college really taking a lot of my life .
Had this idea for a while , simple and clean , so I made it for Akross this year , hope you enjoy .

Have a nice day
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Viewers Comments (total: 39)
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  JOCKER8CLZ (12 Febuary 2016, 06:32)  
Thanks guys for all your comments , I hope to find time next year to join you here .
Have a nice day :smile:
  Kimihairu (07 Febuary 2016, 14:37)  
Для восьми дней очень здорово. Атмосферно и даже обволакивающе. Но не доделано как-то, да. В ряде моментов с эффектами промах явный. И какой-то наплыв Мерси нынче на коне. Популярное – что с него взять.
  DirectTruthTeller (03 Febuary 2016, 15:42)  
It's cool but this theme looks so overused in amvs by now. Also it's seriously too short :sad:
  CmoididiReal (02 Febuary 2016, 12:57)  
AGAIN THIS FUCKING SONG FUUUUUU XDDD Some glitch thing or ink mate are not very clean but the rest are ok so overall it's cool ;p but wtf only 1min45, this is not an amv anymore :lol:
  777lexa777 (26 January 2016, 16:09)  
ммм нет, просто нет
  ICEberg (24 January 2016, 16:43)  
слишком затянутый эндинг
сразу кол технике за поля и разный аспект опенинга и основной части
формальные признаки психодела имеются
атмосфера отсутствует
  ZaRish (24 January 2016, 16:07)  
Тема клипа не очень располагает к его обожанию, не смотря на то, что некоторые моменты сделаны восхитительно. Да и очень коротко. 6.0/10
  Strixy (20 January 2016, 19:24)  
That was great, but too short.) Well done!
  antaresheart07 (19 January 2016, 15:23)  
Very good work! :wow:
  KEN13 (18 January 2016, 22:04)  
Живо, ярко, горячо....но коротко. Спасибо ^___^
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