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Dicu Cristi Alexandru  [ DicuCristiAlexandru ]
Location:Husi, Romania
Video: Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F
Audio: Hi-Finesse - Odyssey
Genre: Trailer
Length: 2:29
Added: 26.11.2015
Viewed: 13387
Author's Commentary
Revenge of the Fallen F.

Editor: Dicu Cristi Alexandru aka Izotoppu / Chemix800

Note: Download the alt. version for BD quality.
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Viewers Comments (total: 24)
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  ICEberg (24 January 2016, 13:58)  
был бы годный трейлер, если бы не конец
землю взорвали - а в следующих кадрах опять целая планета
так и неясна цель великой битвы
титры затянуты

  Широ (12 January 2016, 19:00)  
как трейлер не очень, я считай весь фильм посмотрел за один клип :smile:
  S.A. Robert (22 December 2015, 11:36)  
Переизбыток пафоса. А так смотреть можно.
  777lexa777 (21 December 2015, 12:39)  
мне не понравилось
  Juancarlosdm95 (17 December 2015, 06:04)  
Nice try, but dbz and akross is not a good combination dude, is more a youtuber video, very simple, try to make something with more job or another combination for the next, and keep moving forward!!
  ZaRish (13 December 2015, 15:40)  
Для 2 с половиной минут слишком мало содержания. Да DB хороший, все это знают, и когда-нибудь я его посмотрю. Клип просто слабый. 4.0/10
  Death_Kn1ght (05 December 2015, 13:53)  
А сабов нет ? А то я ничего не понял -_-
  InsanitySupporter (04 December 2015, 04:42)  
Somecoloring, a wiser selection of scenes at some points and focus on aethestics could have make this a nice DB trailer, you had the song and the source to make something cool!
Also, the credits easily the few good things you had, when you make a trailer you can put the necessary credits information within the trailer, it helps your presentation and also adds that cinematic touch trailer AMVs must have.
  theredflash66 (03 December 2015, 07:52)  
These things don't really interest me
  DicuCristiAlexandru (30 November 2015, 11:36)  
@AnimeFanaticBoy Nah. I'm tired of doing amvs. I did this out of boredom. 12 hours of editing. It's ok that I'm on the site. I don't care about the rating. This is just a simple raw editing.
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