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xDeuz  [ xDeuz ]
Страна:La Paz, Боливия
Студия:Æon Studios
Видео: Nisekoi
Музыка: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
Жанр: Drama, Sentimental, Character Profile
Время: 4:04
Добавлен: 23.01.2015
Просмотров: 36944
Комментарий автора
After my presentation of "Lovers Out", I had time thinking of doing something similar, an AMV drama.
And it happened in one occasion while I was talking on skype with a friend where I suddenly came a moment in which each one should write a sentence and then answer with another same, so the same day, I stayed with a phrase that perhaps I not mentioned in the talk, but if in my head.
"If you love someone... set it free. If it comes back... then is yours".
Then perhaps more complete what I wanted to do, I do not take much time to find music (Eden Team IC6> Song Pack> Easy), which might not be the most motivating and inspiring music, but I had what I wanted to, capture this phrase.
Long after below, then observe Nisekoi, an anime more comic than romantic guy who saw him again, they came scenes that possibly would help me, and then the rest was formed in my head.
Then we talk about this idea Kuruta and I, I immediately gives support, being the first to support me in making this AMV.
I am grateful to who helped me make this work: Kuruta, madaraxD, Luna, TritioAFB (each of them many thanks, I leave a few words at the end of AMV).

This AMV is dedicated to the person to whom I am very grateful for doing work that sometimes I get complicated (a complete translation of a story in English), Naru Miyasudokoro sincerely hope that this AMV is to your liking and enjoy it at least 1 time.

No more to say, I hope you to enjoy, the aim was to highlight my AMV from others AMV's of Nisekoi, I hope that the objective has been achieved with this new presentation, making an AMV drama, sentimental with Nisekoi ;)

A big salute to ZEVS1993, Hinata 1495 and Dieguito. And to all those who mention, I wish you a great 2015 !!!

Thank DarknessTheWarrior for translating this comment to English.
Thanks to Joskua for translating to english may credits messages.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 60)
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  Axiles (03 февраля 2015, 19:35)  
согласен лучшая романтика на акросе 10/10 :applause: :rules:
  xDreww (02 февраля 2015, 20:29)  
Good job jimmy D, you know what I think about it. Great start for you on Aeon. :)
8/10 from me, great job and good luck mi amigo! ^^
  ЮККА (02 февраля 2015, 20:12)  
Очень понравилось. Трогательно, жизненно, заставляет сопереживать героям а значит все правильно сделано
  Tori_Ti (02 февраля 2015, 12:05)  
Милота, прониклась, но больше всего из-за песни, уж очень я ее люблю и обожаю=)
  naru_yuuki (02 февраля 2015, 11:38)  
lkasjflkasfñsaldfksañlfksafkdjafb quien es esa Naru? eh? (?)
Bueno, que más decir que no se haya dicho por acá jaja es un gran trabajo Deuz, sabía que me sorprenderías y así fue! siempre has sido un editor muy capaz y apuesto a que esto es solo el inicio.
Ha sido un gran vídeo, y vaya que tienes grandes posibilidades en los amv, muy merecido ser finalista y ya verás que te irá bien en el ranking ;D
Muchas gracias por la dedicatoria jaja, no puedo con mis feels (?)
Y ya sabes que si puedo ayudarte en algo, acá estoy ;)

Mucha suerte por lo que queda del con y sigue así!
  Cane (02 февраля 2015, 11:14)  
Драмы не увидел, но сентиментал получился шикарный, сюжет понравился, с эффектами тоже порядок 8.5/10
  akira02sum (02 февраля 2015, 06:56)  
The sweet love story. And well-made.
By the way, Lauren Bacall said that "The Twilight Saga" was the worst. I agree with her. Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's "Nosferatu" is great.
  lawrenz (02 февраля 2015, 06:45)  
damn, this has a better story than the actual anime.
  ICEberg (02 февраля 2015, 06:42)  
драмы не увидел
профайл в принципе раскрыт
явных технических косяков нет

но затянуто и скучно
  Shinfoxxy (02 февраля 2015, 04:11)  
It was really heartfelt and well made, absolutely loved it, best of luck to you! :smile:
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