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Shin  [ ShinNinja ]
Location:Las Vegas, USA
Studio:PixelBlended Studios
Video: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Audio: Halou - Honeythief
Genre: Drama, Psychedelic
Length: 3:01
Added: 20.01.2015
Viewed: 65394
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Viewers Comments (total: 84)
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  Genetix (09 Febuary 2015, 00:22)  
» FobosAMV
are you really that retarded or u simply dont understand english nor what ur saying? hahahaha
  FobosAMV (08 Febuary 2015, 23:51)  
» Genetix
Oh, I'm really tired of you and your hatred. Bye.
  Genetix (08 Febuary 2015, 23:15)  
» FobosAMV
dude ROFL how the fuck can u talk about using an song that is already been used again, you? YOU FROM ALL PPL ROFL ROFL
  FunnyMan (08 Febuary 2015, 21:29)  
Хороший клип, мне понравилось. Good job.
  xGeminii (08 Febuary 2015, 21:23)  
I really love the masking transitions you used, but didn't get much in terms of matching the lyrics or even trying to build a story (which would be sooo easy to do with Madoka and this song). It seemed for the most part to be random scenes thrown together, which was disappointing. But it's still really nice in a technical sense. Anyways, good luck :)
  Cenit (08 Febuary 2015, 20:41)  
This was nice. Like really, really nice to watch, very smoothly edited. Could become the best AMV i've seen from you (Ivy Bridge still no.1).

Concerning that other recent AMV "Сruel World" using Honeythief: It's stupid, a good stupid though. It feels like a parody on all hentai whereas this one is just so fucking smooth to watch. So yeah, some people might prefer awkward forced storytelling but i prefer this. Suppose there can be more "good" AMVs to one song. Calculator says 8.5
  nivekov123 (08 Febuary 2015, 20:23)  
» Artofeel
I like how you just countered yourself in your own arguement. Rekt
  Darkmessa (08 Febuary 2015, 20:10)  
на эту музыку есть отличная работа

  Artofeel (08 Febuary 2015, 19:55)  
» MycathatesyouAMV:
Why you take already used effect ? I can't understand
to create something different and unique probably?
anyway, we creating Anime MUSIC Videos, not Anime Effects Videos
stupid comparison
  ЮККА (08 Febuary 2015, 17:05)  
А по моему неплохие наркоманские глюки под приятную музыку ))
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