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Domius  [ Domius ]
Страна:Milan, Италия
Студия:Rising Production
Видео: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
Музыка: Van Halen - Hot for Teacher
Жанр: Comedy, Fun
Время: 2:39
Добавлен: 15.01.2015
Просмотров: 24578
Комментарий автора
I really enjoyed myself in making this video, although I don't like the genre comedy very much. One day I heard this song in a TV show so I discovered that it was by Van Halen, so here's the video, hope you like it!
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 39)
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  kalich411 (22 февраля 2015, 14:18)  
смешно. Только вот для людей, не смотревших оригинал, будет слишком непонятно большинство показанного в клипе.
  krosha (14 февраля 2015, 07:37)  
+Люблю фан.
+не знакома с исходником
+на фоне других клипов весьма позитивно
+увлеклась атмосферой и не глядела на технику
- надоело к концу 2 минуты.
  Domius (12 февраля 2015, 14:55)  
» Shinfoxxy
Thank you very much for the compliments I'm glad to know that you've enjoyed Cast No Shadow.

As for your video I found it very nice and I've read that it's your first video for this contest, good luck for the finals!!
  Shinfoxxy (11 февраля 2015, 19:09)  
Great video, a lot of fun, which I believes hits the point just fine! Congrats for reaching the finals :). Also I take this opportunity to finally tell you that I absolutely loved your video Cast No Shadow. The atmosphere was unique and brilliant, and the scene selection was mindblowingly careful. It was clean and most importantly very original, and the rythm of the video was rising to a very intense ending :). It was a very inspiring piece.
  PsychoNight (11 февраля 2015, 16:30)  
Great :D
  NewOvermind (10 февраля 2015, 07:30)  
Столько раз видел эти кадры в клипах, что уже совсем не смешно. Много хлопортов.
  Domius (06 февраля 2015, 22:57)  
» AnimeFanaticBoy
Gintama <3<3
Thanks Tritio, congratulations to you to be passed in the final, too!
  AnimeFanaticBoy (06 февраля 2015, 07:01)  
ok I'll take my time to breath and enter into the video, it shouldnt be bad.

a few moments later I felt like watching Gintama... somehow. All right, I'll finish it

btw, congrats on making it to the finals dude
  TheCacoVenom (05 февраля 2015, 04:53)  
that was cool, good luck bro
  RMS Lusitania (05 февраля 2015, 03:36)  
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