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lolligerjoj  [ lolligerjoj ]
Location:Munich, Germany
Video: Various [ Akira, Angel Cop, Animatrix, Barefoot Gen, Tales of Earthsea, End of Evangelion, Fist of the North Star, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ghost in the Shell, Gyo, Haibane Renmei, Kara no Kyoukai, Karas, Mirai Nikki, Nekomonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Mononoke Hime, Mushishi, Nausicäa, Perfect Blue, Psycho Pass, Shigurui, Sky Crawlers, X, Hyouka, 5 cm per second, From Up on Poppy Hill, Lucky Star, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu, Genius Party Beyond, Texhnolyze, Serial Experiments Lain, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai ]
Audio: Huoratron - New Wave of Mutilation
Genre: Psychedelic, Horror
Length: 5:54
Added: 13.01.2015
Viewed: 78691
Author's Commentary
Full version is 30 fps only, and thus not recommended, as some parts are not displayed correctly in the low framerate.
The first alternative download is 720p 60 fps, the second is 1080p 60 fps. Fall back to the 720p version if you experience framedrops or desynchronization.
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Viewers Comments (total: 144)
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  cecco (06 Febuary 2015, 00:00)  
» AmvLuna
  Bartimeus (06 Febuary 2015, 00:00)  
Охренеть сколько трудов вложено, монтаж просто выносит мозг. Внутрикадровая дико доставила, буду долго фапать на этот клип.
Epic win, 9/10.
  Cane (05 Febuary 2015, 23:55)  
"Это шедевр! Гениально!" :D
Несмотря на всю трешовость сего творения, смотрелся он легко и непринуждённо ^^, хотя последняя минута явно лишняя. За задумку и неплохо проделанную работу над нестандартной синхрой сего мозговыносящего творения от меня 7.8/10
  goЯz (05 Febuary 2015, 23:27)  
nvkjdzfbdzbkdjgn this hits me on a cellular level
  MycathatesyouAMV (05 Febuary 2015, 23:20)  
» kyssifur

Completely agree.
  Shui (05 Febuary 2015, 23:14)  
There aren't many AMVs I can just sit back and let myself go and enjoy :D
Thanks for this :wink:
  Lapskaus (05 Febuary 2015, 23:10)  
Genre: comedy

10 points for using Haibane Renmei and Lain
You're editing the videos that I've always wanted to edit. Your work will be an inspiration for a few chosen AMV editors of the coming generation.
  Fynjy (05 Febuary 2015, 22:41)  
грамотный трешак делать тоже скилл нужен,
cute 8,5
  kyssifur (05 Febuary 2015, 22:27)  
Pheeeewwww.... kinda hard to... make an opinion about this masterpiece, but I'll give it a try. I never thought that sharing your opinion is always a good thing, but I think I already reached that point in my life and let's say in my amv-career where I just don't give a single dusty fuck about my reputation. That's why I will just speak my mind and presumably other's mind as well. I hope someone will read this.

I had been waiting for lolligerjoj's video, really! I thought... 'yeah, maybe I didn't get into the finals, cuz they needed that 1 single slot for this video, okay, I can understand.' Or any other video, nevermind, now we're talking about this.

I really respected and liked lolligerjoj's previous works, despite of that I had some critical thought written or unwritten it doesn't matter at all. I bet you remember the 'best use of instrumental' feat. 'best lipsync' combo as well. Fuck it. Let's forget everything. It's not even related to your skills. I mean... directly. You know the feeling when you expect something more. Something extraordinary. This is extraordinary in terms of being... disappointing.

And then, I watched this. Okay man, you're an 'Idontevenknowwhatgenius', you really are (are you?) I'm telling you, but my first thought was a question in regard to the judging committee's competence. Seriously, there is not a single freaking enjoyable moment in this video. :dunno: Once upon a time there was a contest in my little country and the theme was 'who can make more scheiße videos', this would have won that dude, no question about it.

Honestly, this is the best example of getting into a contest's finals, cuz you have 'some' fame and - and now the disappointment is strong on this - THE profanation and/or desecration of both psychedelic and horror genres, as well as the conception of making amvs. Might be offense, childish, trollish, whatsoever, but here, take my 2 cents, that's why we have the comments section. I hope that in the very very deep of your souls akross ppl, you agree with this at least a little bit, otherwise I would have to think that everyone has a completely fucked up.... taste.. (not the best word to describe sry), except me.

I really wanted to be entertained in the last few minutes. I wasn't. I expected more from you. Now I have to watch 'Fleeting' again.

Thanks for reading.
  ActiveNoise (05 Febuary 2015, 22:23)  
You steal my trip.
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