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machina21  [ machina21 ]
Location:Los Angeles, USA
Video: Various [ Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mawaru Penguindrum, Elfen Lied, Hellsing Ultimate ]
Audio: Alice in Chains - Would?
Genre: Drama
Length: 3:48
Added: 13.01.2015
Viewed: 24437
Author's Commentary
A grimdark, super serious business Evangelion video. Enjoy!
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Viewers Comments (total: 32)
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  KEN13 (22 January 2015, 00:25)  
Блин как драма не оч. хорошо понял, но вот если бы был психодел,то было бы супер.
  Axiles (21 January 2015, 23:39)  
Техника вполне хорошая. Не уловил суть клипа 9/10

  Artofeel (21 January 2015, 22:44)  
this was good
  MatthewRoy (21 January 2015, 22:43)  
it's difficult to be original with this source as it's been used so much over the years.
You did that with some nice choices on the effects (1.50 was really nice, perhaps the smile could have used a bit more work)

Overall a nice concept, I love eva and the way you showed each one of the main characters. Really curious to see your next works
  FunnyMan (21 January 2015, 22:20)  
Классно. Очень интересно было смотреть. Но все равно не так чтобы прям драма.
  skyrim (21 January 2015, 22:15)  
у нас с автором психологическое состояние одинаковое... почему то я такой же ролик сделал... только автор почему отчаянье а не борьба со злом?
  nivekov123 (21 January 2015, 20:11)  
Way to be bold and daring with your ideas. You've got potential, just your technical skill needs polishing. Good luck
  Elixir (21 January 2015, 20:03)  
Great job.
  Armed (21 January 2015, 19:58)  
Effects must be in last turn and not in first turn. The music (not the words) and the video are playing separately each other.

  Megamen (21 January 2015, 19:48)  
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