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slimed  [ slimed ]
Location:Williamsport, USA
Video: Nichijou, ef - A Tale of Melodies
Audio: Snow Patrol - Set the Fire to the Third Bar (feat. Martha Wainwright)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Story
Length: 3:35
Added: 10.01.2015
Viewed: 56383
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Viewers Comments (total: 56)
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  Эль-тян (19 January 2015, 21:20)     
Романтика для малолетних ОЯШей???
Мизулиной на такие клипы не хватает
  SaadKeanu (19 January 2015, 17:35)     
Interesting idea, from comedy to the drama. Different and cool.

Good luck!
  akira02sum (19 January 2015, 07:21)      
Needless to say the idea is unique and interesting, but it isn't excellent merit of this video. The best merit is that this video expressed the world of the song in fine style. I love your AMV.
  C-Strelok (19 January 2015, 06:54)    
Хороший, спокойный клип.
  [madaraxD] (19 January 2015, 04:36)     
Overall was pretty good, gl man :smile:
  gabber1991md (19 January 2015, 03:43)       
great job bud :biggrin:
good luck!!
  Axiles (19 January 2015, 02:31)    
согласен вышло немного затянуто, но робота очень качественная И песня тру 9.2/10 :dance:
  MatthewRoy (19 January 2015, 01:04)    
One of the best videos I've seen in a while. Thank you for doing this and good luck
  Death_Kn1ght (19 January 2015, 00:55)      
Эффортик вкусный, но слегка затянуто.
  InsanitySupporter (19 January 2015, 00:46)     
I think Nichijou needs more love.
I have always admired videos that use an anime that belongs to a certain genre and use it for an AMV of another genre without making it look like a joke or parody.
I'm honest, I can't avoid imagining the funny parts of this anime while watching this, but hey, this was delightful.
I'm surprised, you managed to make this work, the effects were good and the story were fine, one of my favorites this year.
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