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DarkFlameCat  [ DarkFlameCat ]
Location:Ningbo, China
Studio:AMV Repent Team
Video: Fate/Zero, Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
Audio: Immediate Music - The Reluctant Warrior
Genre: Trailer
Length: 3:34
Added: 15.12.2014
Viewed: 24782
Author's Commentary
Hi~I am DarkFlameCat from China!
This is my first time take part in the AKROSS.
The video type like a Trailer about "Fate".
Characters bear their fatalism with attic faith,which is I want to express in this AMV ,
such as Emiya Kiritsugu、Shirou Emiya and Illyasviel von Einzbern,Tohsaka Tokiomi and Tohsaka Rin.
About the characters appear in Fate Zero,only these related to Fate stay night will come on stage.
It's my wish that you can enjoy the atmosphere~~Have a good time!~~Thank you~~XD
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Viewers Comments (total: 35)
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  777lexa777 (10 June 2015, 11:22)  
как то много в этом году отдают этому исходнику надоело уже а так в принципе не плохо
  Whiterock (05 March 2015, 22:22)  
Really well done, unfortunately came as 2nd trailer for Fate, and people usually tend to compare the works due to that, without judjing each piece on it's own.
  Westgard (14 Febuary 2015, 00:57)  
Отличная работа :tu: - 10
Жаль что в общей группе...
  Magicflier (10 Febuary 2015, 01:21)  
Heartwrenching piece of work
  AnimeFanaticBoy (06 Febuary 2015, 03:56)  
it's too late :sad:
  RMS Lusitania (05 Febuary 2015, 02:09)  
  Dan1elxs (04 Febuary 2015, 11:24)  
  ICEberg (29 January 2015, 14:41)  
хороший годный трейлер
но эндинг затянут
и здесь же я подобное уже видел...
  DEDninja (20 January 2015, 22:46)  
Как трейлер не понравилось, не цепляет как тут принято говорить)
Мои 7.2/10
  bredlusche (09 January 2015, 17:15)  
Great trailer, Darkflame. So many awesome fate trailer this year *-*
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