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kyssifur  [ kyssifur ]
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Video: Zero no Tsukaima
Audio: Taylor Swift - I Know You Were Trouble
Genre: Romance, Character Profile
Length: 3:49
Added: 09.12.2014
Viewed: 21303
Author's Commentary
['in a nutshell' MODE activated]

So I tried to do some stuff. Kind of like a sequence, this is the 2nd episode of my old AMV, Number 1 (consider the first 15 seconds as reference). The main point was not the 'homie to my only, love @ 1st sight, whatsoever' thingy, but the real content of relationships: trouble(s). I mean... beyond a certain point in certain relationships. ^^'

Plot: Louise has to face reality and struggle against big tits, because her love, Saito really really really cares for them. He is a trouble-maker, she's a tsundere, the pain is guaranteed.

I tried to make it funny and give the video an adequate/decent flow, as well as a proper lyric sync however, despite of being more like an action video, I do believe that the ending is much stronger than any other parts of the AMV. It lifts you off the ground. :_D ;) Lip sync is cute IMO, and I think the whole video has a strange atmosphere of something that you can only receive from Zero no Tsukaima, so you better watch the series. :)

As usual, no effects worth mentioning, simple stuff, I still believe it's all about scene selection, aaand may I suggest you to download the alternative version (if you are about to download it at all) for viewing purposes. Higher bitrate (triple), nothing more.

Thank you very much and have a great one!
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Viewers Comments (total: 34)
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  j7n13q (28 December 2014, 20:03)  
какой исходник, такая и работа :biggrin:
  EllipseIris (24 December 2014, 19:55)  
Fantasztikus! I'm happy you finished this one from all of your other projects, it's impressive that you could make at least as powerful vid after Number1, as that one was, makes me proud of you :) Egyébként tényleg lehetett volna több segg :D
8.5 from me, Boldog Karácsonyt béjbi! ❤ :smile:
  Yakumo-kun (20 December 2014, 13:13)  
мой любимая еда бананы :D good job bro!
  Cane (19 December 2014, 15:38)  
Клип хорош, но не более, хватает своих косяков и недочётов в синхре и технике. 6/10
P.S. Момент на 1:10 - просто супер :D
  Kvant (19 December 2014, 12:29)  
Вот анимешку захотелось посмотреть, (и кажется уже не в первый раз), а клип скорее характеризую как малоинтересный. Сделано, вроде бы, неплохо, но ничего сверх...
  AnimeFanaticBoy (19 December 2014, 05:03)  
you're such a bad dog man , if you know what I mean :wink:

Liked the combo, went very well. Also seems like someone found the font from the logo, good job
  axonjunior (19 December 2014, 01:01)  
Surprisingly good :tu:
  KEN13 (18 December 2014, 23:18)  
По началу думал что комедия, потом какие-то ревнивые вспышки насилия, а вот уже ближе к концу оч. порадовало. Спасибо ^_^
  Death_Kn1ght (18 December 2014, 09:58)  
Эти ваши Этти до добра не доведут. И поскольку подобного добра уже наклипали навалом - то субъективно посмотрел и забыл.
  InsanitySupporter (18 December 2014, 06:07)  
This were so funny.
You show that flashy-fancy effects aren't needed to make a good romance video..
The flow is good, it has feelings and the lipsync is well-done and well-placed.
Maybe with some coloring this would have turned in some smashing shit.
Great work.
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