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TsukiBito牛牛  [ TsukiBito ]
Location:Chizhou, China
Studio:AMV Repent Team
Video: Fate/Zero
Audio: Lorde - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Genre: Action, Story, Trailer
Length: 3:51
Added: 29.11.2014
Viewed: 69695
Author's Commentary
One man can't save the whole world.
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Viewers Comments (total: 85)
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  lawrenz (09 December 2014, 14:39)  
fucking amazing, bravo, best vid so far
  Эль-тян (09 December 2014, 12:42)  
Пойду дракулу пересмотрю
  TsukiBito (09 December 2014, 08:03)  
» andrewbee
Thanks u so much,I'm really happy to receive such a comment.
well,it's my first time to participate in an AMV contest like akross,and this is also my first time to make an trailer.
I have read ur comment very carefully,I think ur opinion is very reasonable and I will consider more next time! I learn a lot from you.Thanks again! :tongue:
  AnimeFanaticBoy (09 December 2014, 04:02)  
curious that a few days ago been searching for trailers from the oriental editors. Yep, this one is enough for me :smile:

  Sempai3607 (09 December 2014, 02:33)  
10 - STRONG :wow:
idk why i like it soo much but its actually looks perfect for me
  andrewbee (09 December 2014, 02:11)  
I am too familiar with the source and so my criticism is out of love for what could have been superb! for a trailer.
You started of really strong in the introduction. timings and scene placement was excellent! although I would have finished(@2.30) the entire trailer with its title(0.30)
Not sure what is been said at a few points, but I feel Irisviel vocals are so strong, that the perception of her character in this trailer should be that of his conscience trying to push his limits of morality.

I think you tried something like this, but you wasted 2 major points in the music that would have made my hair stand from watching. @ 1.45-54 and what comes after is just TOO weak and anti-climatic to feel the weight of the choices made by the protagonist. What you follow up with after this section, are scenes that are suppose to feel epic but rather come in such a rush and have almost no impact to the overall concept of the trailer.

I would have replaced what you have at 1.45 with the scenes(like 1.03 which came in too earlyfor me!, 1.34-35) of him trying to strangle Irisvel perhaps juxtapose with other calm or turbulent moments in the anime, depending on how you want to amp the drama and then leading to 1.49-1.50 which I would have replaced with 1.32, mixing the audio dialog struggle and finish with his scream of 1.51-54.

From this point, you had the right idea to amp the rhythm but it just didnt carry over for me. The audio as well from this point is also a mix-bag and we lose the focus completely on Kritsugu.
I also feel the scene of Kritsugu seating with Irisviel was over-used. And the final scene of Saber destroying the Grail was right although you should have shown kritsugu using his command seal at some point before that.

Finally, I still think its quite a polished trailer and very happy to be able to watch your direction. Best of luck!
  AceD (09 December 2014, 00:52)
  InsanitySupporter (09 December 2014, 00:20)  
With less character voices it would appear cooler imo.
Still, very delightful, the scenes you used are masterly placed, and the credits are ok, they fit the concept.
One of my favorites.
  Animated (09 December 2014, 00:18)  
Best one yet. Glad it's a trailer too :)
  Ligh[t] (09 December 2014, 00:02)  
oo this song (Y) good choice and yeah cool work, good luck
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