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Elixir  [ Elixir ]
Location:Pyrgadikia, Greece
Video: Arpeggio of Blue Steel: ARS Nova
Audio: I Am Waiting for You Last Summer - Event Horizon
Genre: Other
Length: 4:20
Added: 24.10.2014
Viewed: 34393
Author's Commentary
i don't really like this video anymore
yes, this is a changed description, i don't really deserve to say much about this video.
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Viewers Comments (total: 46)
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  Strat (03 January 2015, 15:44)  
  Bea$t (24 December 2014, 10:17)  
Very good job, pretty nice synch, and music is one of my favorite :smile:
  KEN13 (09 December 2014, 00:21)  
По началу показался скучным а потом вполне неплохим клипом .Спасибо большое ))
  Elixir (08 December 2014, 22:57)  
» xGeminii:
This anime looks really neat, but you regret using it?
Well, main reason I used this was cause I didn't want to use an anime that was butchered many times, (this was one of those few anime I see that are pretty under-rated), and the ship battles would be interesting with this song (or so I thought). Thanks for the comment, though! :D
  xGeminii (08 December 2014, 20:01)  
Your editing style is really cool! 7/10, good luck! :)
PS: This anime looks really neat, but you regret using it? gahh now I'm torn over whether to watch or not haha.
  FobosAMV (07 December 2014, 10:43)  
Неплохо, музыка шикарна просто, давно такого хорошего трэка не слышал!)
  j7n13q (06 December 2014, 22:42)  
экшн и такая музыка... печально...
  ZaRish (02 December 2014, 17:47)  
Видимо хороший исходник. Он у меня почти год уже на рабочем столе лежит)
Клип смотрится. Местами было ощущение: "Вот здесь надо немного подправить", но видимо автор ещё только новичок. Всё придёт с опытом. Что ж. Удачи ему. 6.2
  Legato2400 (26 November 2014, 19:06)  
I liked this a lot need to see the anime for me. ^^
  jelin (24 November 2014, 02:02)  
Сюжет ели виден (
просто местами небольшая мясорубка под монотонную мелодию.
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