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Elixir  [ Elixir ]
Location:Pyrgadikia, Greece
Video: Arpeggio of Blue Steel: ARS Nova
Audio: I Am Waiting for You Last Summer - Event Horizon
Genre: Other
Length: 4:20
Added: 24.10.2014
Viewed: 33261
Author's Commentary
i don't really like this video anymore
yes, this is a changed description, i don't really deserve to say much about this video.
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Viewers Comments (total: 46)
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  Neonnn (09 July 2017, 00:11)    
I don't know why, but i really love this. When this amv appeared here I download it on my pc, but it was lost with all my collected amvs, when i formatted my disk. Now I spent one hour to find it and i love it as before. Thank you for that.
  777lexa777 (09 June 2015, 23:29)     
с синхрой в этом клиппе явно проблеммы
  Magicflier (10 Febuary 2015, 00:35)      
  RMS Lusitania (05 Febuary 2015, 00:48)     
  Dan1elxs (04 Febuary 2015, 11:28)    
  AceD (01 Febuary 2015, 21:53)    
Went and watched the anime because I saw this video :biggrin: . Pretty solid for me and prefer to a number of qualified videos.
  ICEberg (30 January 2015, 04:59)     
экшен неплох, но затянут
закончить после первой победы или оставить только вторую часть и был бы хороший годный клип - а так вторая часть отдельно от первой
ну и практически традиционный перебор с пыщ-пыщь-бах-бах с пропадающей синхрой
почему и зачем воюют непонятно
  E_lis (20 January 2015, 03:34)    
It's a good action) And I really like this video cause you can tell me the story. It is rarely found in action
  Miso (19 January 2015, 22:20)       
really cool ;)
  DEDninja (11 January 2015, 17:32)    
Спасибо! интересный клип)
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