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ThalesEditions  [ ThalesEditions ]
Video: High School of the Dead
Audio: Skrillex ft. Sirah - Kyoto
Genre: Action, Echii, Comedy
Length: 4:01
Added: 04.05.2014
Viewed: 6588
Contests:Big Contest 2014
Author's Commentary
So..I'm here. This is my first Contest AMV, and I was inspired in Lolligerjoj1 with his amv Into The Labyrinth. So.. I though HOTD is perfect to this music style, because I could put Action Scenes and Echii - Comedy Scenes at only one clip. Skrillex is the best "Dubsteper" to this style, but, I prefer Kraddy hehe because he made into the labyrinth.
I would like to thanks Lolligerjoj1 to make that AMV, without Into The Labyrinth I could not be here.
It's really complicated use the Twixtor in anime, each frame isn't different, repeat 2-3 frames, I need to cut the reapeted frames on Premiere Pro and export to After Effects (more agile to cut).

Technical Facts:

Programs used:
Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The main plugins that make difference:
Distort Liquify, Stylize Cartoon, Trapcode Shine, ReVision Twixtor, Keying Keylight 1.2, Video Copilot Twitch, Color Correction Level, Color Correction Curves, Perspective Radial Shadow, Blur & Sharpen Gaussian Blur, Blur & Sharpen Directional Blur, Color Correction Change to Color, Distort Wave Warp, Stylize Glow and Stylize Dimension - Glow + Shadow.

There is a WITHOUT EFFECTS Version on my channel:

Making of:
  video on ] video on YouTube ]  
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Viewers Comments (total: 4)
  777lexa777 (05 June 2014, 09:57)  
Местами не клеится синхра
  ThalesEditions (06 May 2014, 21:36)  
» KEN13:
Красиво, хоть и без конкртного направления мысли. Спасибо.
Thx ^^
  kalich411 (06 May 2014, 07:22)  
Красиво, хоть и без конкртного направления мысли. Спасибо.
  KEN13 (05 May 2014, 23:39)  
Поменьше бы эфф. повтора, а так отлично.
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