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Finalsouls  [ Finalsouls ]
Студия:Aphoic Virtuosity Studios
Видео: Excel Saga
Музыка: Green Day - American Idiot
Жанр: ActionComedyFunOther
Время: --
Добавлен: 06.04.2014
Просмотров: 3712
Комментарий автора
[WARNING: This Video Contains Blood Scenes And Brief Nudity]
Normally I won't edit with Green Day songs,but after listening to it multiple times on Pandora
I decided that this song fitting for an video.
In video I tried out to keep a flew and in sync with the beats, lyices of the song.While adding some effects, I already came across a few commends telling that the wholwe storyline of the video is way off. but in my opinon there was no storyline to Excel Saga; the only so called storyline I understood that was she needs conquer as many as consonants as she can. I just find the anime to quite ridiculous and amusing its was like nothing i seen before.So that being said, I sfelt that this song would soothing for nutcase anime just as this.
Like in the start I add afew effects of mine
Now i know that I some mine seen weak and unnecessary,however i didn't just want to addd clipsto finish the video. I don't like doing things like that like.
Hoping others won't come down on too hard and well enjoy the video itself
enjoy thanks for watching
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