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Megan (xSebbyChanx), Bridget (xZeroChanx)  [ Skitsofanacts ]
Видео: Durarara!!
Музыка: Ellie Goulding (Prod. By Skrillex) - Bittersweet - (The Ninetys Remix)
Жанр: Drama, Friendship, Story, Serious
Время: 2:12
Добавлен: 12.03.2014
Просмотров: 5815
Комментарий автора
The point of this AMV is choice. Choice is powerful and once a choice is acted upon, whether bad or good, there is always fallout.

This was a collaboration between xSebbyChanx and I (xZeroChanx), and it was quite the project. Using the basic Durarara characters we changed the arc of the anime and created our own story with had to do with love, friendship, and revenge! It's such a dramatic piece.


In case you'd like to know the full story, please read below!;

Mikado Ryūgamine was a normal teenager who was slowly becoming bored with his average life. He obtains a computer and soon becomes addicted to the internet where he meets Masaomi Kida. (0:21) Masaomi is a boy his age who is living in Ikebukuro. Soon the boys become good friends and Masaomi is able to convince Mikado to come to Ikebukuro for school. (0:26) Stepping off a train Mikado meets Masaomi for the first time and chooses to engage him. (0:31)

Soon the friends are attending school and meet a women named Anri Sonohara (0:34)and instantly they are attracted to her. Slowly Anri becomes a close friend to both boys while they both are enchanted by her. (0:36)

(0:38) On one occasion, the three friends are walking about Ikebukuro they spike the attention of non-other than Izaya Orihara. He's a twisted psychopath who enjoys toying with human reaction. (0:42) Izaya notices the love triangle that the three friends have and decides to use this to keep himself entertained for awhile.

(0:54) While Anri is walking home from school she is attack by Izaya who almost kills her. She's rushed to the hospital where she cannot recall her attack. (0:58) That same night, Masaomi hears of the attack and visits Anri in the hospital. He's shocked after seeing her condition and receives a text message from Izaya (1:01) claiming that it was all Mikado's fault for Anri's attack. He glances at the women he loves in such a broken and hurt condition as he chooses to believe Izaya's text message. (1:07) Mikado would pay for this.

Their friendship was broken. (1:10)

Meanwhile, Izaya was watching as his plan had begun to unfold and he was dying to know how his pieces would play out. He burns the photos of the friends that he had collect in a insane fit of laughter. (1:18)

(1:21) There is a flashback of the lead up to Anri's attack. She's is walking with Mikado and he's presented with a choice to walk Anri home. Ikebukuro is not a perfect city and she was a beautiful girl who shouldn't be walking home alone, but for his own reasons he decides to let her walk home alone. (1:24)

(1:26) Time jumps back to the present to show Mikado laying in his bed looking at his cell phone. There is a text message from Masaomi saying that he knows what happened and that he's blaming him for what happened to Anri. (1:29) Mikado realizes how horrible of a situation this is as he falls asleep.

(1:32) Not reserving a reply from Mikado is Masaomi last straw and he walks to the only place where he knows people will help him. The Yellow Scarf's, a powerful gang in Ikebukuro and Masaomis hate and anger is rising. (1:38)

(1:45) Later, Masaomi is going to check-in with Anri when he notices who's in her room its Mikado and in that moment he decides that he needs to take revenge on his ex friend. (1:48)

(1:49) Mikado had also seen Masaomi on the streets below from the hospital room and he'd seen the look in his friend eyes. Terrified he makes the choice to do the only thing he can to protect himself that's turn the Yellow Scarfs against Masaomi. (1:51) He calls the Yellow Scarf's leader and is able to persuade them to helping him. (1:53) As he leaves the hospital he can't help but to believe that he's made the wrong choice so he runs to Yellow Scarf's HQ in hope of saving his friend. (1:56)

(1:57) At the Yellow Scarf's HQ Masaomi is threatened at gun point and is soon shot. (2:00) Mikado is to late and witness his friends end holding Masaomi in his arms before he falls limp; he's dead. (2:02)
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