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Draga  [ Draga ]
Страна:Saint-Ouen, Франция
Студия:Sora To Kasai
Видео: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Музыка: Get Scared - Stumbling In Your Footsteps
Жанр: Action, Character Profile
Время: 2:56
Добавлен: 16.01.2014
Просмотров: 23867
Комментарий автора
Yo! Here is my video for the Akross Contest "Made in 2 days'' :p

I wanted to edit with game footages since ages but i never had the chance to do so , i started this video and i discovered that i registered at the Akross (Don't remember why xD) so i decided to finish this quickly before the deadline and send it :)

Well , i just wanted to participate in the Akross for once , so i made something in 2 days and here we are!

Hope you'll like it , at least a little...^^
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 23)
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  Cyberphobia (28 января 2014, 08:19)  
» akira02sum:
FF13" is not a RPG, but a Action Game in my opinion.
It´s called ARPG(Action RPG). It's way more action than the others entries in the series, but still have RPG features within it. (Level Up system, "jobs").
But you and me know this is a Dress game :p

I didn't saw the video yet because I´m waiting until I beat LR:FFXIII.
  ICEberg (28 января 2014, 07:09)  
как экшен неплох, но профайл не раскрыт
радует, что хоть не КлаудVSСефирот ^_^
на боях песне периодически не хватает динамики
  akira02sum (28 января 2014, 06:32)  
Oh, FF13! I love the FF13-series. By the way, "LIGHTNING RETURNS : FF13" is not a RPG, but a Action Game in my opinion.
  seeyoulala (28 января 2014, 06:28)  
  D4RK (28 января 2014, 06:00)  
meh ;D dont like it much still gona give 10 :d
  TheShadowMV (28 января 2014, 05:40)  
Hmm, nothing special, but good work man, 8/10.
  JazzsVids (28 января 2014, 05:35)  
  InsanitySupporter (28 января 2014, 04:55)  
Considering that this kind of videos is kinda hard, and you made it in 2 days, this is great, but it didn't touch me
  crooktj (27 января 2014, 22:52)  
nice of you to dedicate a video to my waifu
  Лисёнок-тян (27 января 2014, 22:32)  
хорошая работа! =) 7.5
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