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Kvakond  [ Kvakond ]
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Studio:Eclipse Studio
Video: Various [ Evanglion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone, Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance, Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Vividred Operation ]
Audio: TNGHT - Higher Ground (Lets Be Friends Re-Amp)
Genre: Action, Psychedelic
Length: 1:23
Added: 10.01.2014
Viewed: 35492
Author's Commentary
Referencing Pacific Rim and Shingeki no Kyoujin, I tried to create an alternate EVA story where Shinji has to face something much more terrifying than angels. I mean she eats people AND pokes your eyes out.
It started as a joke, so there was never any intention to make this the ultimate crossover, though I tried to get the most out of what I had.
The first 20 or so seconds were mostly animated in AE (using Element 3D) and took more than a month, or 80% of the production time.
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Viewers Comments (total: 40)
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  JadeCharm (07 Febuary 2014, 16:48)  
Funny idea. Execution was a little bit weak. It was hard to see the connection between the Bakemono and the EVA scenes. there were only a few scenes where one could see both fighting against each other
  ICEberg (07 Febuary 2014, 14:54)  
идея была хороша
но в финал?

если бы сюда песню не из одного слова... да хотя бы чистую электронку из трех аккордов как в начале второй половины клипа - могла получиться замечательная вещь

а так... видео сделано хорошо, реализация идеи в видео успешна - но эта "музыка" убивает всю атмосферу после первых 10 секунд

скорее трейлер, чем психодел
формально экшен
  Scittalec (06 Febuary 2014, 23:04)  
So short... Want more
  Kurorukio (04 Febuary 2014, 00:45)  
i like it a lot :biggrin:
  DEDninja (04 Febuary 2014, 00:08)  
Ухх, идея превосходна, и автор мог бы преуспеть в ней первым, жаль что выглядит как трейлер к основной задумке, не так ли Kvakond ?))
Мои 7,8/10
  NeptuniaAMV (03 Febuary 2014, 12:54)  
Effects are pretty cool, but i dont see the concept/story of it. Somehow its pretty random. 6.2
  Kristoo (02 Febuary 2014, 23:08)  
Начало не совсем внятное, а в целом идея хороша 8.8/10
  cecco (02 Febuary 2014, 02:53)  
Original. good job! i like it alot.
  Dioker (02 Febuary 2014, 02:25)  
хотелось бы побольше!!!!))
поставил 8
  Cane (01 Febuary 2014, 18:39)  
О_о 7.2/10
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