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Pat  [ Patricia01 ]
Location:Casa Branca, Brazil
Studio:nL Studio
Video: Kyoukai no Kanata
Audio: Vexare - Still Remaining
Genre: Drama, Story, Action
Length: 3:38
Added: 07.01.2014
Viewed: 15629
Author's Commentary
Initially, I wanted to make a different AMV ... My idea was to make something that could be "action" while also sentimental. At the time, I was watching Kyoukai. This anime is very interesting, because it mixes comedy, action, drama, perfect for my edition. After looking for some inspiration for music, I found Vexare. Her songs are perfect for what I wanted. Time to create a story.
After watching the anime, I decided to make something that would show how anyone, even with a mission to kill, can love a person, and that she would love until the end, that was what I did in AMV, where they meet and fall in love, both have more secrets, which eventually becomes the end of what could be a "happy ending" ... Hope you enjoy ...
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Viewers Comments (total: 20)
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  777lexa777 (28 May 2014, 10:57)  
Динамика не та
  ICEberg (24 January 2014, 17:49)  
сократить бы вдвое и была бы хорошая годная история
затянуто, вторая половина однообразна
слишком затянутые титры
почему после убийства - мальчик еще совсем живой?
финал слит
где драма?
  Bufer (23 January 2014, 16:29)  
7.8/10 well done
  DEDninja (22 January 2014, 17:21)  
Спасибо за отличный клип!! Мне очень понравилось, в коллекцию маст би)
Мои 9,5/10
  j7n13q (14 January 2014, 21:31)  
аниме прикольное и красивое, много ярких кадров
и так коряво ими распорядится... ну первую минуту было прикольно. а потом пошел просто треш под музыку
  Domius (12 January 2014, 15:06)  
Penso che la canzone non si addica molto al video.
  kurosakibruno (12 January 2014, 14:56)  
Muito bom pat , gostei muito!!
  Dioker (10 January 2014, 20:22)  
а как по мне... трек и аниме не подходят друг другу. смотреть можно! и довольно прилично, но не зацепило. без оценки
  botdru (10 January 2014, 19:35)  
концовка сломана (( очень жаль (((
  StormBlood (10 January 2014, 19:11)  
Show de bola PAT. Curti de mais o AMV. Parabéns :smile:
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