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Enigmo  [ EnIgMoZz2 ]
Страна:London, Англия
Видео: Микс [ Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter (2011), 11 Eyes, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, The End of Evangelion ]
Музыка: Kenji Yamamoto - Hatred at 2 Power
Жанр: Action
Время: 2:17
Добавлен: 29.12.2013
Просмотров: 30640
Комментарий автора
Well, here's my entry. What was I trying to achieve? Well, like I always do nowadays, I just cut scenes that as a whole compilation will reflect the concept of the music, because I feel that's the main point of a music video, for the video to reflect the concept of the music. Of course, this is instrumental, so its "concept" is slightly open to interpretation and how I saw it is that it's mainly focused on very serious action and my piano parts showing either sentiment or even more intense levels of action--I feel I successfully showed those aspects at the right times.

What made me use "Antithesis" as my title? I used this because most of the video is to do with two people fighting and the title of the track suggests hatred between two enemies, and naturally most people think two enemies are opposites (not to say it's true or that in the animes I used they are fully opposite).

Anyway, I'm writing too much here; if you want to know something else just ask in the comments. Enjoy the video, if you can survive without video effects.
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  EnIgMoZz2 (04 января 2014, 08:23)  
» Тёмыч-кун
Oh.... that's a shame.... well, who knows, I became smarter over time, maybe you guys will too ^_^ (daaaaaaaaaayum I haven't used the "^_^" emoticon since like 2010, brings back memories)
  Тёмыч-кун (04 января 2014, 08:18)  
» EnIgMoZz2:
I mean, I really do hope those of you who are disliking this are actually disliking it because you see me as being a dick, rather than you actually thinking this editing is bad, because if you genuinely feel this editing isn't good..... wow.
Oh, dude! You should not hope for it. Our disliking are not related to the fact that you dick)
  EnIgMoZz2 (04 января 2014, 08:17)  
And by the way guys...... NO..... I do not have a life..... stop asking.... I kid, but it will return starting monday, depending on the weather...... One must invest his no-life time wisely, and what better way than owning half of the comments section :D
» theredflash66
And you, do yourself a favour and rip off strawberrykissstudio
  theredflash66 (04 января 2014, 07:46)  
You guys shouldn't be arguing on here. You sound like little kids talking about useless things where it becomes funny.

As for the video... I didn't enjoy it much, but it's watchable.
  EnIgMoZz2 (04 января 2014, 07:40)  
» Chimera
Horry shet. Did you really create this new account just to comment on my video? Awwww <3 This is why I know I'm special. I hold a special place in everyone's heart, don't I? Seriously, my butt-cheeks are blushing right now. Okay, now that we've got the formalities out of the way, let me begin the process of disintegrating your will to argue bit by bit....though I must say, deciphering this terribly written passage may prove to be a challenging, yet, who knows, maybe fun task.

1. *sigh* where do I mention my name next to their name? Oh there? Wait, where? Please do show. Thank you.
2. Replying to each critic. Yes, I do that. What can I say, I'm an overly-social person, talking to people is my ultimate hobby in life. Here's a very dark secret about Enigmo....... *whispers* he makes AMVs just to talk to people, don't tell him I said this - he'll spank me with not only his RPG, but his AK-47*
3. "Arrogant", "attention whore" Wow, somebody call Sherlock off the case.... this genius has figured it out, Enigmo is arrogant, who would have ever had the insight to see that? And yes, I'm an attention whore, of course I am, but DON'T YOU DARE SAY that's why I'm arrogant. I'm arrogant because it's cool to be arrogant, everybody knows that.
4. Rrezz wannabe.......Rrezz wannabe? Who would not want to be Rrezz? Have you seen the nigga's six-pack?
5. I lol, at your sentence structure: "achieve his level yet, raw you say?" lol.
6. 'Ban the living out of your existence' FUCK, I am impressed, teach me how to English please.
7. Oh shit..... I'm sorry man..... I didn't know you'd find out that I was "blowing up" your mother's..........dishwasher. She said she'd keep it a secret. And spanking my sister with an RPG? I'm too busy spanking the guy who told you my dark secret, with my Ak-47 of course, the RPG does too little damage - his body has gotten used to the effect of RPG spanks.
8. 'terrorist forum warrior'? Wot m8? What forum? I am a warrior, of course - bitches love warriors.
9. IQ below 1? Ooooh..... the irony..... must I go on? Clearly I am the intellectual saviour here.
10. You seem to have completely gotten rid of a key piece of punctuation from the English language..... you obviously must be my God. I always hoped my God was the God who could alter language to however he liked. Thank you for proving your existence, Kami-sama.

Seriously, I couldn't even find anything to argue against properly because of how ridiculous and badly written it is. Post a proper argument with your real account.

Btw, I also love how after you made your account to comment here, you went through the trouble of getting a tiger as your avatar :) I wonder what was going on in that ever-so disturbed mind of yours
» Foristality:
who am I to scrutinize.
You didn't even "scrutinize". Thus far, NO ONE who's commented here has, except me because I'm a very self-analytical person.
  Chimera (04 января 2014, 07:14)  
» EnIgMoZz2

You are certainly giving yourself too much credits mentioning your patheticZzZzZxX name next to those great AMVs, those editors worked hard and delivered their creations in a very unusual yet creative and pleasant different ways of this AMV community could of achieve till now, and proved they are unique and they don't have to reply to each single fucking critic about how bad they think they are wrong, because simply they don't give a flying fuck nor they think it matters for them to know what they think is right or wrong, but you, you are just another arrogant attention whore, a complete fucking Rrezz wannabe, which you sucked dick for so long but still couldn't achieve his level yet, raw you say? my fucking ass, luckily I'm not a coordinator of this con I'd so definitely ban the living out of your existence from this con or any further one, you probably should be busy blowing places up or butt-spanking your sister with an RPG than making shitty AMVs, what an immature little terrorist forum warrior, I feel bad creating such sub humans like you, but I had to, life wouldn't be as dramatic as it is without the existence of people with an IQ below 1, which is the rating of this so called video as well, sincerely your God.
  Foristality (04 января 2014, 06:36)  
People can differentiate between a good amv and a bad amv based on how much effort an individual puts into them.

Considering the fact that you have been editing for so long, you should know better.

Added (after 1 h. 45 min. and 50 sec.):

» EnIgMoZz2

If editing like this gives you pleasure, then who am I to scrutinize.
  EnIgMoZz2 (04 января 2014, 04:49)  
» nivekov123
It should have wowed you. Me editing raw? How was that not a shock?

Oh and if anyone wants, they can download the track here: https://soundcloud.com/enigmozz2

» Foristality
*sigh*.... here we go again. How do these people know how much effort I put in? Are you suggesting I put little effort into this because this is a raw-edited action amv? Oooo.... Let me just put it into this perspective: you give the most well-written poem to an average 7 year old kid, and then a 21 year old with a degree in literature - who's going to enjoy and see more in the poem? Yes, that's right. I mean, just prove me wrong - if you outargue me, then clearly I am wrong.
  nivekov123 (04 января 2014, 03:50)  
» EnIgMoZz2
I wouldn't say the video wow'd me but it was definitely watchable, I did watch it till the end.
  InsanitySupporter (04 января 2014, 03:07)  
I'd prefer it with effects, but it's still good
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