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Enigmo  [ EnIgMoZz2 ]
Location:London, England
Video: Various [ Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter (2011), 11 Eyes, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, The End of Evangelion ]
Audio: Kenji Yamamoto - Hatred at 2 Power
Genre: Action
Length: 2:17
Added: 29.12.2013
Viewed: 29831
Author's Commentary
Well, here's my entry. What was I trying to achieve? Well, like I always do nowadays, I just cut scenes that as a whole compilation will reflect the concept of the music, because I feel that's the main point of a music video, for the video to reflect the concept of the music. Of course, this is instrumental, so its "concept" is slightly open to interpretation and how I saw it is that it's mainly focused on very serious action and my piano parts showing either sentiment or even more intense levels of action--I feel I successfully showed those aspects at the right times.

What made me use "Antithesis" as my title? I used this because most of the video is to do with two people fighting and the title of the track suggests hatred between two enemies, and naturally most people think two enemies are opposites (not to say it's true or that in the animes I used they are fully opposite).

Anyway, I'm writing too much here; if you want to know something else just ask in the comments. Enjoy the video, if you can survive without video effects.
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  EnIgMoZz2 (10 January 2014, 23:38)  
Do you understand what intuition is? You yourself said, you don't know how to say what a good hardcut video will look like - you can only see whether it's good or not. That's what intuition is. Though it may sound like I've simplified it, trust me, intuition is not a simplistic concept. And I don't know what a hardcut is? Well, I mean, now I just feel challenged. If you were to, let's say, "AMV battle" me and the condition was for both of us to edit completely raw, who would you say is more likely to win? :) But of course, come down to that conclusion after you've watched the videos.

I'm not trying to make you feel bad about yourself, notice how usually I..... nevermind, maybe I'll write a novel about how altruistic I am some other time.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (10 January 2014, 23:27)  
Intuition? really?

That's all you need to say?

Then again, you dont know yet what a hardcut is
  EnIgMoZz2 (10 January 2014, 23:16)  
» AnimeFanaticBoy
I'll only reply to the first paragraph, the next two feel irrelevant.

Wait, so I mean, if you think you've not met an editor who can do hardcuts, where have you seen hardcuts? Instead of actually replying to what you say directly, I'll just explain my "theories/philosophies". With hardcuts, either you can do it, or you can't. There's no technique to it - it's all about intuition; this entire style is about intuition and perception. And 12 years making AMVs? So? Experience means nothing, compared to a mind intelligent enough to see the connections a lot quicker. I'll just post a bunch of links of my hardcut works and if you tell me after watching them that I can't do hardcuts and shouldn't talk about them, "me, especially", then I'll just be convinced that you're simply copying what some other editor, who you think is smart, already said.

Obviously you don't have to watch them (I still have a lot more, lol) but I mean, all those links should get the message across that I know I can do it.

If you're wondering: "Wait, if all of those are hardcut AMVs you think are good hardcuts, where's a video I can look at that has hardcuts, but bad ones?"

All of the ones at the top feel right, and the bad one just doesn't feel right - that's what intuition is. And if you have 12 years of video editing experience, you should by now have developed a sense of perception that can see the difference.

Added (after 3 min. and 1 sec.):

And if you want, after, I can send you my favourite "hardcut" music videos by editors other than myself, just so you understand what I have isn't just vanity for my own work, but appreciation for a very intelligent style.
  AnimeFanaticBoy (10 January 2014, 22:56)  
Your wishes are granted then.

You ask me what do I mean by: Talking about hardcuts.
To be honest, I havent meet yet an editor that can do the hardcuts. All of us pretend to say what they understand or what they believe how a hardcut should be made. Neither any famous editor has reached it. And trust me man, that in almost 12 years I have making AMVs I have watched yet. Why? Because there's no actual 'guide' or 'theory' about how a hardcut should be made. I'm nihilistic on this because the AMV tendecy changes every day. You cant really expect AMVs to be into a static change, but in a continuos and dynamic change.

This is how this AMVWorld works: We watch several videos and we start to believe that a video should be made into a certain way. Like you said earlier, there are videos that are actually good but several people tends to bash them due their songs, anime selected or the genre. And that's true, you cant deny that fact. While this will work in people that normally is new, fanboy, or any other people that dont know what they are talking about, there's always people that is interested in giving interesting criticism... into a constructive way of course.

Perhaps you might be mad with the people that just want to troll you. This is a situation of every day, trust me. Or you might be able to actually listen to what they really have to say and not just their intentions. This is when you detect a person just want to argue for nothing or really help you
  Domius (10 January 2014, 22:48)  
L'antitesi è troppo forte.
  TheShadowMV (09 January 2014, 14:57)  
  PrincessKairy (09 January 2014, 01:10)  
» EnigNog
Don't tell me things that I already know.
  EnIgMoZz2 (09 January 2014, 00:20)  
» 777lexa777
You know nothing. Thank you, bye.
  777lexa777 (08 January 2014, 17:26)  
По мне так кажется плохой тон совмещать разные рисовки исходников.

Added (after 45 sec.):

по мне так плохой тон совмещать рисовки исходников. нельзя в думаться в те года когда это было
  EnigNog (07 January 2014, 03:31)  
No PrincessKairy you are wrong, nobody likes you at all.
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