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RiceAMV  [ nivekov123 ]
Страна:Kitchener, Канада
Видео: Микс [ Shinsekai Yori, Kara no Kyoukai, Clannad ]
Музыка: Dirty Elegance - Leaves of Autumn
Жанр: Psychedelic, Story, Drama, Character Profile
Время: 3:15
Добавлен: 20.12.2013
Просмотров: 43159
Комментарий автора
First of all, SURPRISE! I made a non-troll full amv LOL.
Wanted to work on it more but I couldn't be bothered to.
Please save yourself and never edit this anime, while this anime is good, editing to this anime is like editing to Hitman Reborn, super hard, the animation is awkward, and a bunch of coloring and banding issues in the source itself. That being said, the anime as a watch was good.

I spent enough time on this to finish it, and I hope you enjoy it.

NgrFgt OP, Out.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 64)
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  theredflash66 (28 декабря 2013, 17:00)  
  Mulraf (28 декабря 2013, 15:29)  
probably my favorit of this years entries so far. 9.5/10
  AlexxAMV (28 декабря 2013, 12:39)  
By far the best shinsekai vid I ever seen.
...its great khoa...gj
  crooktj (28 декабря 2013, 07:17)  
really nice, great job
  akira02sum (28 декабря 2013, 06:38)  
Perfect! You're a very good editor. So I hope that technique will have originality too. Anyway I enjoyed your video. Thank you.
  eake4 (28 декабря 2013, 04:41)  
You not making a troll video is already a troll :3
  Axiles (28 декабря 2013, 04:09)  
  InsanitySupporter (28 декабря 2013, 03:35)  
Wow, really good, liked the atmosphere
  nivekov123 (28 декабря 2013, 01:53)  
Thanks for the comments everyone, I won't even defend myself cus I agree with you people. Except for the fact that if I didn't cut the song it would've just faded off at the same tempo as the artist created, (I hate fades xD) But yes I probably could've cut the ending better. In the end I couldn't be bothered because it was already xmas break. Thanks again! Happy Holidays!
  Enlux (28 декабря 2013, 01:45)  
Well, my favorite so far, it has everything well done so yeah my favorite.
Though, there is no resolution, its like the story is cutted without end.
So 9/10 :P
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