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RiceAMV  [ nivekov123 ]
Страна:Kitchener, Канада
Видео: Микс [ Shinsekai Yori, Kara no Kyoukai, Clannad ]
Музыка: Dirty Elegance - Leaves of Autumn
Жанр: Psychedelic, Story, Drama, Character Profile
Время: 3:15
Добавлен: 20.12.2013
Просмотров: 42529
Комментарий автора
First of all, SURPRISE! I made a non-troll full amv LOL.
Wanted to work on it more but I couldn't be bothered to.
Please save yourself and never edit this anime, while this anime is good, editing to this anime is like editing to Hitman Reborn, super hard, the animation is awkward, and a bunch of coloring and banding issues in the source itself. That being said, the anime as a watch was good.

I spent enough time on this to finish it, and I hope you enjoy it.

NgrFgt OP, Out.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 64)
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  Alex_SH (31 декабря 2013, 12:11)  
твердая 9, клип понравился автор-так держать!
  xDreww (30 декабря 2013, 09:19)  
Agree with anicsi about the 3D effects at the start, as well ass your panning/zooms/shakes for most part, out of place and a bit over the place, although I really did like most of your transitioning effects, really well done. 2nd part was a lot better just seemed to fit pretty nice. About time you make something serious haha I didn't think you could edit like this at all. Good luck! 7/10
  RetributeAMV (30 декабря 2013, 03:23)  
I've already given you my thoughts on this, good luck
  Anicsi (29 декабря 2013, 17:07)  
This was really impressive. A biiiiiiiiiiit (ok, a lot) confusing, but I guess it's okay for a psychedelic amv xDDD I really liked the story and how everything was put together! If I could point something out, it'd be that the styles of the 3D effects at least in the first half of the amv didn't match and made it feel really out of place. I think the amv would've been better off without them (I mean the zooming/panning over 'pages') and that often things just happen so damn fast (also with the movement) that you can't really appreciate the story. Even so, very good job, one of the most impressive videos so far ^^
  Cane (29 декабря 2013, 15:24)  
Класс, весьма красивый и технически сильный клип, ошибок практически нет 9.5/10
  JazzsVids (29 декабря 2013, 09:12)  
awesome work Khoa!
i'm so glad to see some serious work from you again
  jugan (28 декабря 2013, 23:22)  
Liked it especially the music, but at some points you lost the sync and it looks boring, but then you grabbed me back, so it felt like i'm sitting in a roller coaster x)
One of the best 20th this year i think :3
8.5/10 (would like to give you 9 but the music effect at the end wasn't that good :/)
  xGeminii (28 декабря 2013, 20:54)  
I'm still shocked you were able to edit such a crazy song XD such talent yo. I crai insideee. much tears. I've said it 3480298 times but I'll say it again~ loveeee this video and you better place super well! 10/10
  nivekov123 (28 декабря 2013, 20:27)  
» MagicDarkLight
thx hakim optical :DD

  MagicDarkLight (28 декабря 2013, 19:47)  
Some effects were quite bad and I thought it was a bit long but... Wow you really made a complete amv :laugh: No, seriously that was really interesting overall, there are some flaws but it was really nice overall, nice to see you back in the game :biggrin:
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