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MagicDarkLight  [ MagicDarkLight ]
Страна:Verviers, Бельгия
Студия:Sora to Kasai
Видео: Микс [ Bakuman, Death Note, Kproject, Free!, Hyouka, Ef a tale of memories, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Persona4, Monogatari series 2nd, To aru kagaku no railgun, Code Breaker, Sword art Online, Accel World, Inu x Boku SS, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kurokami, Canaan, RWBY ]
Музыка: ONE OK ROCK - The Beginning
Жанр: Romance, Character Profile, Story
Время: 3:28
Добавлен: 12.12.2013
Просмотров: 47904
Комментарий автора
When a dream comes true, it is not just a dream.

Bakuman is my favourite manga. It conveys a lot of various emotions which are, in my opinion, all mixed in a perfect way. I had already edited this anime in 2011 but it wasn't finished at that time and in 2013, I thought that I could make better.

So here it is ! I think both people who know and who don't know Bakuman can be able to enjoy this video. So I hope you will!

I want to, again, give my thanks to Xieri, who drew the banner, Kain-x-spirits, Lensta and Echotrooper for their critics and in a more general way the whole Sora to Kasai, for helping me in many ways.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 92)
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  Akito - Neto (12 февраля 2015, 06:17)  
10/10 the video I liked most of the 2013 edition: D
  KEN13 (09 марта 2014, 19:32)  
Довольно динамично, спасибо :)
  ZaRish (15 февраля 2014, 19:44)  
Просто хорошая работа. Ничего выдающегося.
  JadeCharm (07 февраля 2014, 17:25)  
a little bit too...much...sometimes. but I love Bakuman and I'm happy for every amv with it :)
  John_AMV (07 февраля 2014, 14:08)  
What a lovely video!!
Good luck in the contest! :D
  Calaber (29 января 2014, 05:48)  
@Vektor this is one of those amvs who's story line is actually based off of the original anime in question so it's much easier to understand once you're actually seen the anime or watched the anime though there were some random death note scenes that didn't quite seem to fit, but aside from that I think it was pretty good editing
  Vektor (25 января 2014, 17:19)  
So fast, and so unclear... :sad:
  ICEberg (23 января 2014, 14:27)  
технично, но мимо

формальные признаки романтики имеются
история прослеживается
даже профайл хоть какой-то есть
  Magicflier (16 января 2014, 04:04)  
No words are needed, easily 10 for everything. :tongue:
  Scittalec (12 января 2014, 22:06)  
Standing ovations :applause: Excellent work!
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