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[key]Scarlet  [ PrincessKairy ]
Location:Genova, Italy
Studio:Rising Production
Video: Deadman Wonderland
Audio: Plan Three - Still Broken
Genre: Action, Character Profile, Drama, Story
Length: 2:27
Added: 26.11.2013
Viewed: 34174
Author's Commentary
I made this video in about 15 days. It started out with a simple and linear concept, but then I decided to add something personal in the story and in the technical aspect.

"Guilt is difficult to deal with."

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Viewers Comments (total: 47)
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  Cane (05 December 2013, 12:59)  
Клип получился достаточно неплохим, но стори проследить не зная сюжета самого аниме весьма проблематично. Характер ГГ так же практически не раскрывается. Но очень понравилась синхра, недочёты конечно есть, но картину они сильно не портят. 8/10 за Экшен с элементами Драмы и атмосферность.
  nihilant01 (05 December 2013, 03:16)  
Ich hasse, als ich den Wörterbuch konsultieren muss, um den Russe zu verstehen :D.
Daran mochte ich den Clip gern, selbst wenn hier eininge Mängel sind ;).
  777lexa777 (04 December 2013, 21:56)  
не зацепило
  Kyros (04 December 2013, 21:46)  
I think it's one of your best video , nice concept and story
  CrimsonBlitz74 (04 December 2013, 18:48)  
PrincessKairy always makes good videos.
  DEDninja (03 December 2013, 15:49)  
Ничего впечатляющего не увидел. тут есть сюжет? драма где то?) это шутка такая в жанре прописана?))
Мои 5,5/10
  akira02sum (03 December 2013, 10:13)  
A good AMV. But this video lacks something. Perhaps it's the emotion of the main character. It did not fully touch me.
  nivekov123 (03 December 2013, 05:07)  
  Sonada (03 December 2013, 02:55)  
Альтернативный сюжет както совем не задолся.
  Anicsi (03 December 2013, 02:33)  
I had to watch the whole video a few times until i got the entire story, because some important scenes are really short. But i really really like the video. Great job on the story boarding and mood of it. And of course the editing, too. Right balance between action and drama. Makes me wanting to pick up the anime again. :)
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