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bossmorad  [ bossmorad, Oversoulzero, JxIMx, Franiboy, iKuro, Bir, REYZEN, anthy, castro ]
Studio:Iron Team
Video: Shingeki No Kyojin, Fate/Zero, Swrod Art Online, Black Rock Shooter, Full Metal Alchemist, Ao no exorcist, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Hunter X Hunter; Zetman, Kara no Kyoukai, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
Audio: Lacuna Coil - Intoxicated
Genre: MEP, Ation
Length: 4:24
Added: 29.10.2013
Viewed: 11947
Author's Commentary
hi, I just spam our MEP and for that matter our novice team, but one day you will exceed muahahahahahhahahah and dominate the world, good, there is a lot of difference editions and levels within the members, but we know because we get along together very well and progress together and soon, we wanted to hispanoparlante a team worthy of the name and many other project, make well-considered if a forum or not, well I would keep you posted (I know that you are not interested).
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Viewers Comments (total: 4)
  Yonakano (14 March 2017, 16:52)  
Как-то мне сегодня везёт на экшн. Ну, или - не везёт. Это уж как посмотреть)))
У меня складывается впечатление, что все клипы в этом жанре какие-то... типовые, что ли. Музыка пободрее, кадров побольше да порезвее - вот и экшн.
В общем... их не должно быть много)
  AnimeFanaticBoy (09 November 2013, 21:16)  
Ya tu sabe como va :biggrin:
  bossmorad (09 November 2013, 20:54)  
tu sabe's
  AnimeFanaticBoy (04 November 2013, 08:25)  
Vale, no me esperaba encontrarme con esta sorpresa :smile:
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