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UltimateAMV421  [ CrimsonBlitz74 ]
Location:Houston, USA
Studio:Time Company Studios
Video: Various [ Steins;Gate, Bakemonogatari, Mirai Nikki, Black Rock Shooter, God Eater Burst ]
Audio: Pendulum - Holds Your Color
Genre: --
Length: 3:59
Added: 22.10.2013
Viewed: 27522
Author's Commentary
Forgot to thank xMahLoveNya. But who cares anyway?
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Viewers Comments (total: 55)
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  ICEberg (25 January 2014, 11:07)  
посмотреть на раз - как слайдшоу под музыку
  Domius (12 January 2014, 19:20)  
It's too confused.
  SKYnv (02 January 2014, 14:18)  
Genre - psychodelic.
Not bad!
  RetributeAMV (15 December 2013, 02:08)  
I had a nice feel, but the scenes overall seemed out of place as well as the transitioning being placed oddly. The flow early one in your video seemed off or stunted, but picked up and was better towards the end. Overall a decent job, I liked it.
  CrimsonBlitz74 (14 December 2013, 07:37)  
And thanks for the comments.
  CrimsonBlitz74 (04 December 2013, 18:58)  
Not sure on everyones opinion but your icon pics are so cool. Especially Shade 2.0 and DedNinja. Next yr I'll blow you away with something better as I improve on editing. Check me out YouTube. :wink:
  777lexa777 (04 December 2013, 17:02)  
клип крепкий среднячек чего то не хватило клиппу для полного шика
  zigzag173 (26 November 2013, 19:22)  
Both the music and the video are splendid! Good job!!
However, I regret that I did not see it to match music.
I don't know what is your concept.
I think you will be able to match the music and video better. :smile:
  Anejo (24 November 2013, 15:20)  
Цвета местами грязные... Идея, ладно, кое-где смутно проглядывает. "Вся жизнь борьба" или сто-то типа того.
Не понравилось: вроде как похвальная попытка не идти на поводу у динамичного трека, вставлять спокойные кадры, но как-то это можно было сделать мягче, и не настолько "бесповоротно", темп-то почти ровный.

The dynamics of video does not suit well in most part of the timing, and i do not appreciate effects and colour correction as well, while the idea was quite clear for me. Smth about 6/10 due to the technique.
  MwDeus (24 November 2013, 15:16)  
не пошло
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