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Location:Ski, Norway
Video: Shingeki no Kyojin
Audio: 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill (Bury Me)
Genre: Action
Length: 4:07
Added: 09.10.2013
Viewed: 24630
Author's Commentary
"If you think reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call your self a soldier?"
-Eren Jäger

Humans seems to have found their superiors and desperately as they are, they strive to take back what they once had. Will their effort ever be enough?

I used most of the time focusing on the story rather than going all flashy around with effects, hopefully MY effort will be enough for a finalist place.
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Viewers Comments (total: 51)
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  In.fest.ED (02 November 2013, 02:02)  
» AnimeFanaticBoy:
how many do you expect dude?
Not more than 9, according to the list of participants. :biggrin: I will keep traking it for the sake of curiosity. :wink:
  Darksss - 73 (02 November 2013, 01:43)  
Нечего особого . :sad:
  AnimeFanaticBoy (01 November 2013, 23:20)  
Scenes are too long. Problem here is that the video itself lacks dynamic. You could have asked for betatesting, because seriously it was needed here

» In.fest.ED:
Shingeki no Kyojin action #1

:laugh: but wait, how many do you expect dude?
  MwDeus (01 November 2013, 22:52)  
Унылый клип под унылую альтернативку… Где то я это уже видел, не? 0/10
Характерно что для именно такого клипа был выбран именно такой сурс. :rolleyes:
  KSANDR (01 November 2013, 22:32)  
Чувак! В курсе ты сейчас обосрал такой офигенный исходник! 1/10 :sad:
  KenjiKyou (01 November 2013, 21:50)  
I didn't watch the series so the story part in your AMV for me was mostly "WTF AM I WATCHING".
Effects in the beginning were ugly and could have been left out completely. Author's work is insignificant, very long cuts and as suggested by commenters before me - just a retelling of the series. M/V sounds OK for me, but you could have spent more than one day on this video.
  It Won't End Good (01 November 2013, 20:27)  
A clip for those who haven't seen first 4 series of Shingeki no Kyojin, huh?
Well, feels like I have to do the same type of work, I'm used to do in my college, exept "actual information".

Work Description

The whole clip feels static even with those great action scenes. You can't actually HEAR the music, you've just managed to hear single snare strikes and sync them. Starting from 2:46 there is not enough strob during drumrolls. Dynamic of the music doesn't match video's one.

Personal Attitude

Well... In my opinion there is nothing special in this clip. Seems like one of the first author's clips. Next time just try harder and spend more time on it. And else... Try to make your own story instead of retelling. Better like next time.

P.S. Понеслось. Как говорится, первый блин комом)))
  In.fest.ED (01 November 2013, 19:34)  
Intro told everything even before I saw the whole video. :sad:

Shingeki no Kyojin action #1
  xGeminii (01 November 2013, 19:10)  
The song matches the source really well! The editing was simple, but the storyline was shown in a very clear way. All of the memory/flashback scenes were nice, too (almost wish there were more of those scenes). Nice job and good luck!! (:
  Bufer (01 November 2013, 18:43)  
too bad
it seems like u spent 2 days or even less to make this clip
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