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Finalsouls  [ Finalsouls ]
Студия:Aphoic Virtuosity Studios
Видео: Clannad (movie) Clannad After Story (TV)
Музыка: Safetysuit - Find A Way
Жанр: Romance
Время: 3:18
Добавлен: 12.06.2013
Просмотров: 4705
Комментарий автора
I always had an idea in the back of my mind for this anime..However it wasn't this song.but it turn out to be pretty decent. I added a few effects in it video,but I didn't go overboard with them. I set where they seem to fit the place.I didn a combo of the show with the Clannad film because i didn't have any of the episodes from the anime.However thanks to a pal of mine who rather remain unspoken of I was able to change the storyline a bit towards the ending.I edited the song as well,but you can't a lot unless you happen to know the song by heart,other than I believe it isn't all that bad. I named the Video {Pragmatic Reality Scenarios} Because the kid in the end was only having a dream of her parents that's all. There's no other reason to it
Hope you enjoy it
Please Comment:I don't care if I get cooments
Just as your videos is dull or sucks blah,blah
I could always use some feedback to improve in that department, That I lack
ps if you watch this thank you for doing so and please give me some feedback

The one's Who Seek One Treasure Often miss out on others
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