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Kyros  [ Kyros ]
Studio:Rising Production
Video: Deadman Wonderland , DragonBall Z , High School of the Dead , Steins;Gate
Audio: RTPN - Unnamed
Genre: Action , Drama , Horror , Character Profile
Length: 3:28
Added: 12.01.2013
Viewed: 11998
Author's Commentary
The AMV is a sort of summary of the anime, which immediately attracted me very much, in particular I wanted focused more on Ganta wrongly accused of murder in his class and sent to a sort of imprisonment where you play games and fiendish challenges fatal (as the series of "Saw" to interdict).
In this place where he meets Shiro will be the only person who will stand by in this situation ........ But can really trust her?
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Viewers Comments (total: 5)
  astjunior (28 Febuary 2013, 05:05)  
awesome !!! :lol:
  AnimeFanaticBoy (19 Febuary 2013, 04:45)  
Sure it is Diegao :wink:
  Gunman82 (14 Febuary 2013, 19:43)  
Грамотей! Итить-колотить!! "Нечего" слитно пишется!
  Gunman82 (03 Febuary 2013, 12:47)  
Как-то все на месте. И похулить-то (от слова "Хула" - древнерусское) не чего!
Классная работа.
  diegao94 (02 Febuary 2013, 22:25)  
your best work! ;D
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